The expectant mother had a fever during pregnancy, is it hard resistant or taking medicine?Is there any good way to alleviate

Guide: It is three poisonous medicine, not to mention the mother who is pregnant, and is worried that the drug will affect the baby.But there is no twists and turns during pregnancy. For example, cold and fever are common symptoms. Is our pregnant mother who take medicine or take medicine?In addition, are there any good ways?

Why is the medication during pregnancy always make people as thin as ice, which is related to its special physiological structure. During pregnancy, the metabolism of drugs in the human body is very different from non -pregnancy.Magic.Having said so much, will we scare our pregnant mother? As the saying goes: knowing that they are confidant, we can fight all the best. Science allows us to deal with it calmly.

Obstetrician warm reminder: Pay attention to the following content and no longer worry about "fever".

1. The impact of drugs on different pregnancy periods: The impact of drugs on the fetus is closely related to fetal age.

1. When the baby has not settled in the uterus in the uterus: that is, within two weeks after the combination of sperm and eggs. At this time, our baby and mother’s body have not yet touched.Therefore, drugs will not have much impact on the baby.

2. After the baby lives in the uterus to the age of 12 weeks: this period is the active stage of the baby’s organ development and the development of the nervous system. If the pregnant woman is used at this time, the drug toxicity is easy to interfere with the normal differentiation of the baby.The impact will cause malformations or dysfunction in a certain part.During this period, we must be cautious.

3. 12 weeks of pregnancy to delivery: At this time, the baby’s organs have been formed. Except for reproductive organs, the impact of drugs on the baby’s development is very weak. The nervous system has been differentiated throughout the pregnancy.No effect, so the medication of this period should be targeted.

2. Causes of fever during pregnancy

1. During pregnancy is a special physiological period. The metabolism of pregnant mothers has increased faster, but the immunity has decreased. It is a susceptible population.

2. The heavy responsibility of shoulder the baby’s development during pregnancy, coupled with the stimulus of pregnancy, the pregnant mothers’ own nutrition does not meet the standards. In the case of tiredness, poor rest, or emotional anxiety, it is easy to induce infection and cause fever.

3. There are some changes in various systems during pregnancy, such as: respiratory mucosa congestion edema, thickening ureter, and slow peristalsis, weakening of gastrointestinal tract affected by the hormone level, etc. These changes can easily cause corresponding parts of infection and fever.

Third, the treatment of fever during pregnancy

1. Finding the reason is the key: find out where the root is, and deal with symptomatic treatment.Such as: the treatment of antiviral infection, bacterial infection with antibiotics.

2. Physical cooling: The body temperature does not exceed 38.5 ° C, and gives warm water to wipe the major arteries such as armpit and groin.

3. Drug cooling: The body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, and gives a fever medicine to the doctor’s advice. Because high fever is easy to cause sequelae to the baby, it is necessary to appropriately apply drugs, especially after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Enhance immunity: Any disease is more defensive than treatment. Pregnant mothers usually pay attention to stay away from dense people, drink plenty of water, work and rest, light nutritional diet, exercise appropriately, maintain a peaceful and happy mood, improve the body’s disease resistance abilityEssence

4. Reasonable medication during pregnancy

1. Take medicine under the guidance of a doctor to avoid medication without authorization.

2. Take the medicine strictly in accordance with the usage and dosage of the doctor’s instructions, and stop the drug according to the prescribed time.

3. Try not to use a variety of drugs as possible to minimize the damage to the baby to the baby.

4. If the condition permits, try not to use the medicine as much as possible, you can postpone until the middle and after pregnancy.

Important tips: Pregnant mothers have not so terrible fever, master scientific knowledge, and apply drugs reasonably without tangling for hard resistance or medicine.Usually pay attention to raising your body, stay away from fever during pregnancy, and peaceful during pregnancy.

Today’s topic: The expectant mother has a fever during pregnancy, is it hard or taking medicine?Is there any good way to alleviate?

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