The expectant mother has hepatitis B, will the condition get worse during pregnancy?

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I believe everyone knows a fact: my country is a great country B.But what you may not think of is that the data of epidemic survey shows that the surface antigen carrying rate of pregnant women in my country is as high as 6%-7.8%!In other words, one of each of the fifteen expectant mothers is risky to be infected with hepatitis B virus mother and baby infection!

Many hepatitis B comrades have raised questions. In addition to the mother and baby’s mother and baby from being infected from infection, in addition to the maternal and infant blocking infants, what will they be affected during pregnancy?Will hepatitis B virus occur in the case where hepatitis B’s condition worsen during pregnancy?Today, we will answer the questions that everyone cares about.

First of all, during pregnancy, because the maternal immune system is in suppressing, it may indeed affect the process of hepatitis B virus infection.

1.hbv copy situation

During pregnancy, the mother is in a state of immunosuppressive (such as an increase in the number of T cells with negative immune regulation).In this case, theoretically, it may further promote the replication of viruses in the body of slow hepatitis B infection.However, several research teams have not reached a unified conclusion. A scientific research team in my country believes that pregnancy may not have a significant impact on HBV replication level and the expression of antigen in the body.

2. Serum transformation rate

As early as 30 years ago, research from Taiwan showed that HBEAG -positive pregnant women can spontaneously remove HBEAG or occur in serotics by 16.6%within one year of childbirth.At the same time, HBEAG -positive non -pregnant women have not appeared HBEAG removal in the first year of follow -up.Similar research also found that 12.5%of HBEAG -positive pregnant women obtained HBEAG removal within one year after giving birth, which is higher than the HBEAG removal rate of non -pregnant women.There is no clear mechanism for this situation, and researchers believe that it may be a reaction caused by hormone changes during pregnancy.

3. Liver function

When the HBV-DNA virus load decreases with the increase of ALT, it may reflect the enhancement of the body’s immune function, and it is prompted to enter the immune clearance period.In a 8 -year follow -up study, scientific researchers found that 31 HBEAG -positive pregnant women had a level of 45% of the level of more than 3 times within 6 months of childbirth;Patients have an increase in ALT level.

Based on the above content, according to the current limited literature reports, in most cases, pregnancy and slow hepatitis B infection will not increase the liver disease related to chronic hepatitis B, but clinically require close monitoring (pregnant women with chronic hepatitis B infection are inVirus and liver function laboratory examination during pregnancy and postpartum).

Once the HBV-DNA or liver function indicators have risen sharply during pregnancy or postpartum, a comprehensive examination of medical progress is required to avoid the deterioration of hepatitis B-related liver disease caused by acute slow hepatitis B caused by pregnancy.At the same time, the rapid changes in hormones in the body of pregnant women may also provide opportunities for removal of HBEAG. Clinically, appropriate treatment intervention can be used in this special period to help HBEAG -positive hepatitis B mothers obtain serotology conversion.

Mother is great, hepatitis B mother is better!Xiao Bian is here to be sensational: thanks to the mother of hepatitis B, but the mother is just!Your bravery and persistence will only get the health of the next generation of health. The difficulties and concerns of them are unimaginable. I hope that hepatitis B mothers and the hepatitis B war comrades who want to become a mother can get some confidence from this article.Intersection


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