The expectant mothers are "lazy" during pregnancy, not pretentious, but to protect themselves and fetal treasures.

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Women are taken care of by their families after pregnancy, but some women always want to find something to do.

Perhaps in the past era, women have to do farm work and housework when they are pregnant, but now they are different from before.Pregnant women have a lot of better life, and in some cases, it doesn’t matter, it is good for adults and babies.

Xiaoyi has been pregnant for more than 6 months, her stomach looks obvious but her body is very light, and she is no different from before pregnancy.

As a dance teacher, she was an unable to be idle before pregnancy. Now I am pregnant and can’t dance and always want to help housework at home.

Helplessly her husband provided her as a baby, and the mother’s mother did not allow Xiaoyi to do housework.After finally going to her mother -in -law’s house, Xiaoyi thought that her mother -in -law wouldn’t she stop her daughter -in -law?So she was preparing to "show her skills" and try the burden that she had never touched.

Xiaoyi found two smaller buckets. After no one found the water, she picked the water to the room from the yard. This scene happened to be seen by her mother -in -law.

The mother -in -law’s response made Xiaoyi feel very surprised. The old man quickly came over to help Xiaoyi get off the burden. He was full of responsibility for Xiao Yi, and he couldn’t use it too much.But Xiaoyi could hear that she was distressed by herself, and then she knew that there were some things that pregnant women really could not do it.

The treatment of women during pregnancy is really great. Those who want to rest can’t rest, but those who want to move are not allowed.

From the perspective of actual influence, no matter what the mother’s body or the requirements of the people around them, it is lazy when "laziness", not to protect herself and fetal treasures.

▼ Faced with unimportant people and things, too lazy to care about or angry

Women often cannot control their emotions due to changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy.At this stage, the understanding and concern of family members are important, and expectant mothers can try to see a little bit.

For those who do n’t think too much about people who do n’t think too much, every day is the most important. Mom ’s pregnancy is good during pregnancy, and the baby has a good personality after birth.

▼ Enjoy the delicious dishes cooked by the family, but too lazy to be busy in the kitchen

It is best for women to "farewell" the ban on the kitchen after pregnancy. For pregnant women, there are too many hidden dangers.The height of the stove is just next to the prospective mother’s belly. Usually, there are some uncomfortable everyone to bear it, but it is not good to bake at high temperature until the belly will affect the fetal treasure.In addition, the oil during cooking contains materials such as carbon monoxide and tar. Specific mothers inhaled too much oil fume, which will not only cause uncomfortable cough and other discomfort, and the situation may also affect the health state of the fetal treasure.

During the stir -fry, the ground will inevitably be drizzled with water and oil stains. The stomach of the expectant mother’s stomach is unstable. It is easier to slip on the slippery ground, which is too dangerous.

▼ Go to bed early and get up early, but too lazy to "fight" with the night

Many expectant mothers have a psychology of "retaliation staying up late" during pregnancy. In addition to physical discomfort, they are also because they usually have no entertainment activities. Playing mobile phones is the only pastime.

Staying up late "for a while", but it will affect the physical fitness of the expectant mother. With the "Biological Clock" of the fetal treasure, the expectant mother should not have "struggle" with the evil.

In some cases, expectant mothers are deliberately unmoved, but most expectant mothers can’t control herself after pregnancy, and become lazy, and she doesn’t want to do this herself.

90%of expectant mothers will feel obvious exhaustion in the early pregnancy, and they do n’t want to do anything lazily, which is related to the increase in luteal ketone in the early pregnancy.

The change of hormones has led to the relaxation of mystery of the prospective mother’s uterus, and it is easy to sleep.This reaction plays a protective role to ensure that the development of fetal treasures is not interfered by external factors.Family people should understand the change of expectant mothers, do not criticize and dislike it.

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