The fallopian tube is blocked, use it to grab the ovulation, and successfully give birth to a male baby

I have long wanted to come up with this cheering post. It ’s too busy to take care of the baby. Today I can finally get my wish ~ I almost lost my life in the 2009 ectopic pregnancy bleeding.After reading many doctors, most doctors recommend test tubes. If the left side is obstructive, inflammation must also be also on the right, and the tubal peristaltic transportation function will be worse, and the chance of ectopic pregnancy will be high again.But I still want to be pregnant, and I really want to test the tube.So I started to ask for a child road. In the end, I was fortunate to get the bodhisattva.

I will share my experience with everyone, I hope to give sisters who have problems with the same fallopian tubes, some references and confidences ~

1. Chinese medicine and enema.I was carried out with the traditional Chinese medicine and enema. I felt that the effect of the enema may be better and more direct. The main role was anti -inflammatory.You can buy a disposable enema bag and liquid paraffin yourself at night before going to bed before going to bed. The front row of the enema is stool. It is best to get the medicine to absorb and play a role.At first, I will hurt my stomach. It will be fine after a few times, and persist for a period of time to improve the inflammation of the fallopian tube.

2. Rough salt heat compress.I put the coarse salt and hot compress bag on the belly after the enema every night.

3. Moxibustion.I bought a portable moxibustion, mainly because it feels convenient. Moxibustion while watching TV does not affect each other.I put six consecutive cans on my stomach, and I bought two acupuncture points such as a single can of moxibustion.The choice of moxibustion and the choice of moxa can watch the blog of Zen Guimin. The writing is very clear, so I won’t go into details.

4. skipping rope.I jump 200-500 times a day. This is actually very good. It increases the peristalsis of fallopian tubes and enhances the function. The main me is lazy, so I jump less.It is best to stick to how much jump!

5. Soak your feet with hot water.I bought wormwood and soaked my feet with wormwood to sweat slightly.This is mainly to warm the blood and promoting blood, which is helpful for the comfortable operation of qi and blood

6. Eat black beans.Many people say that they vary from person to person. For me, the effect is not bad. After eating for a while, B -ultrasound found that the follicles are a little more round than before.

7.tai plate powder.I bought a little bit in the pharmacy. I didn’t drink it a few times. It really couldn’t stand it. It was too tasteful. It was much painful than drinking Chinese medicine, and I got angry when I drank it. It was not suitable for my constitution.

8.B ultra -ovulation monitoring.I have been doing ovulation monitoring since the condition of conditioning. I can clearly know whether it was the left side or the right side of the ovulation. The ovulation date is probably one day. The doctor will inform the same room time to increase the probability of pregnancy.The disadvantages are too troublesome, you have to run the hospital, too tired, spend more

9. Smile.I bought a generation. At the peak of ovulation, there will be a smiley face, and the circle will be turned after ovulation.Personally I think it is easy to use. It is indeed an artifact. I did a B -ultrasound to verify its accuracy at the same time. It is very good. This is much better than going to the hospital and more accurate.

10. Relax.This is the most important.Before I was pregnant, I discussed with LG. If I couldn’t get it at the end of 14 years, I went to the test tube. I felt relaxed in my mood. It didn’t matter, but I succeeded.

What I think of now is probably these. This road is very bumpy, and there are too many sour roads, but you will be brave to move forward and eventually succeed. I wish all sisters on the road get what they wished at an early date and come on!All will pass and will be successful!~ ~

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