The fetal development of the 37th week of pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy of pregnant women and the need for precautions

1. Physical change

It’s really about to give birth this time!

This week’s contractions are more frequent than last week. You may doubt whether you are about to give birth. In fact, this is just a normal contraction.It can only become a latter contraction for birth after a day or after a normal contraction.The number of uterine secretions increases, and some pregnant mothers’ uterine mouth will open in advance.

2. Emotional changes

The baby is full for a full month, so prepare sufficient childbirth!

The baby is full for a long time. At this time, your mood can be described in four words -such as the release! This also means that the baby can be born at any time. You will soon meet your baby.Oh! Listen more music, soothe the complex emotions, and then happy to welcome the baby’s arrival.

Fetal development

1. Development indicators

Weight (gram): about 2912g

Lead (CM): About 48.6cm from the head to the tribe of the hip

Double top diameter (CM): 9.00 ± 0.63

Abdominal circumference (CM): 30.14 ± 2.17

Hemplane length (CM): 7.10 ± 0.52

2. The focus of development

The baby is full of monthly, cheering in ING, the baby is still trying to make herself stronger

The baby is finally full of moon. He is about to rush out of your belly. After a long time, let’s dear? Most of the time of pregnancy, the baby is protected by his mother, but his own immune system is gradually developing.When he was born, he could protect himself./3, fetal skills

Mom, ready to welcome me

The baby is waiting for enough, TA can come out to see the outside world at any time.TA is broken every day, mother, prepare a delicious "grandma", I want to come out! I want to eat big meals!

3. Fetal movement

The baby’s little feet will clearly appear on your abdomen

At this time, the mother’s uterine wall and abdominal wall have become thin. At this time, whenever the fetus moves in your abdomen, his elbows, small feet and head may clearly appear on your abdomen.

The baby’s fetal position is not right to adjust the opportunity is very small

If the baby is still abnormal now, then the possibility of turning into the head position is already very small.


1. Pregnant mothers pregnancy check data

Ramshui index range (CM): 15.1-15.5

Normal amniotic fluid value (ml): 1000-1500

Placenta maturity: placenta level 2

Weltone value (HCG: IU/ML): 3,640-117,000

Gong High (CM): 29.5-37.5

Abdominal circumference (CM): 89-100

Growth (kg): 10.4

2. Checking prompts

My family is more intense than me

Starting from 37 weeks, pregnant mothers have the highest frequency of birth check -up during pregnancy, and you need to do prenatal examinations once a week.The key projects are still fetal supervision, palace high, and pelvis.Your family will stay with you and meet the needs of you and your baby. They are really more nervous than you.

Precautions during pregnancy

1. Stop work to be given birth

If the situation of the pregnant mother is normal and the work intensity is not very large, and the working environment is relatively quiet and clean, then the work can be stopped about two weeks before the due date.Therefore, when the pregnant mother stops working, it is also necessary to determine based on different job nature.

2. Placental stripping early

If the pregnant mother finds that the vaginal bleeding is large and accompanied by abdominal pain, they must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, which is likely to be early peeling of the placenta.Avoid supine when you sleep, which may also induce placenta early peeling.

3. Perform breast care

Starting from the 37th week, prospective parents can do breast care and massage.Once a day, do 6-7 minutes on each side.Massage breasts can not only soften the breasts, make the stomatology gland unblocked, and the milk secretion is strong.It can also stimulate the nipples and areola, making the skin of the nipple strong, and facilitate the baby to suck in the future.

4. Stop sexual life comprehensively

Now the prospective mothers need to stop sexual life, because near delivery, the uterine mouth is easy to open, and the same room can easily lead to premature birth, and it may also cause bacterial infections.

prenatal education

1. Reading prenatal education

Give your baby to name

Persist in reading prenatal education and carrying beautiful imagination, which is conducive to alleviating tension before childbirth.Pregnant mothers can read some excellent works, such as those Chinese and foreign masterpieces with high intention, elegant style, and distinctive personality. When reading, you must read, think, and experience it to strengthen your feelings of beauty, so that the fetus can benefit.

2. Behavior prenatal education

Demonstration of a positive example of the baby

The fetus can feel the mother’s move and words and deeds in the mother’s body, so the pregnant mother must be decent during pregnancy, pay attention to the impact of what she does, what she does, and said on the baby.

Diet recommendation

1. Nutritional diet

In the 10th month, pregnant mothers and prospective dads entered a "season" that could be rewarded.To ensure that pregnant mothers sufficient nutrition are important, the diet of pregnant mothers should be preferred to digest and replenish dishes.The faster you are, the more you should eat more iron -containing vegetables (such as spinach, seaweed, celery, kelp, black fungus, etc.) and fresh fruits.

2. Nutritional supplement

The baby is already full, and you may meet your parents at any time. Of course, the fetal growth and development of the fetus at this stage are more rapid. It is a period of increasing muscle. The expectant mothers still pay attention to diet health and balance.Zinc, vitamin AD and other nutrients.In addition, the baby needs to start taking vitamin AD drops 15 days to prevent the disease and vitamin A deficiency. Therefore, expectant mothers must also prepare for the baby in advance!

3. Recommended recipes: sea cucumber fever occupies meat

Chicken has high nutritional value, rich in protein, has the effect of nourishing kidney and essence, nourishing blood and moisturizing.This recipe is delicious and nutritious.

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