The fetal sacral tail minister has a 15 cm sizes of teratoma, don’t be afraid, the MDT team of the Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital MDT team removes it

The baby was still in the mother’s belly, and he was detected that he had huge teratoma.This time made the expectant mother Wang Fang (a pseudonym) a painful family.Fortunately, under the exquisite medical technology of the MDT team of the Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital, on March 8, Wang Fang not only gave birth to the baby smoothly, but the baby was successfully removed.

In October, Wang Fang, who lives around Chengdu, is full of expectations and uneasy.Why, because at the early pregnancy check, the doctor found that there was a huge teratoma at the baby’s tail at the baby’s belly.This result made Wang Fang feel anxious and tangled, and the joy of pregnancy was also impacted by the reality of huge teratoma.

Is the baby going to stay?Thinking of such a small life of the baby, Wang Fang’s family decided: How to give birth.

In the long consultation consultation, Wang Fang learned that there was a fetal clinic for Chengdu Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital, and there were many cases of successful removal of teratoma before.With hope, they came to the fetal clinic of the Chengdu Women’s Children’s Center Hospital.

The reception of them was Dr. Zhongshu Subians, a tumor professional team leader of the Pediatric Surgery Area of the Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital. He carefully analyzed Wang Fang’s situation. In addition to suffering from teratoma, the baby’s baby had good development and development.After communicating with Wang Fang and her family, the uranium decided to regularly follow up and follow -up. When the production was produced, the problem of fault tumor was solved at one time.

On March 4, Wang Fang was near production. The Municipal Women’s and Children’s Center Hospital decided to perform a caesarean section surgery. In order to ensure the safety of mother and baby, the Municipal Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital immediately established an MDT team.We discussed detailed discussions on the diagnosis and treatment plan of women and children.Everyone unanimously decided: After Wang Fang gave birth, the tumor team in a pediatric surgery area immediately performed tumor resection against dolls.Zhang Libing, the deputy dean of the Municipal Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital, communicated with Wang Fang’s family members, and Wang Fang’s family also agreed with the hospital’s suggestions.

On March 8, Wang Fang’s cesarean section was successfully completed.The tumor professional team leader of a pediatric surgeon, who has been standing on the side, received the newborn baby. After two hours of fighting, the tumor team successfully removed the child’s tumor of 14cm*12cm*5cm.

After the surgery, the baby was gradually recovering under the careful treatment of the SICU medical team.

Ueuria said: 90 % of neonatal teratoma is benign.The tail of the sacral tail is the part that is most likely to occur in teratoma, and it is also a place where malignant lesions are common. The incidence of malignancy is 10 % -20 %.

The size of the teratoma is different. If the fetus has a huge tumor, it can affect the mother’s childbirth. He suggested that you must do a detailed examination before pregnancy.Do not give up easily. The fetal clinic of the Municipal Maternal and Children’s Center Hospital has mature technical and medical conditions, which can escort the mothers and babies.

Source: Jinguan News

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