The fetus was forcibly fetched for seven months

The story took place in 2000. At that time, the food and clothing was basically abundant. So why did the fetus be forcibly born for seven months?

This tragedy happened to me.I am a kind of people who are well -explained and especially like children. When we were young, we would be around her begging her to tell her story every day. She can always tell a basket of stories after a basket. It is a childhood story machine.In the words of, the work of the aunt is also helping to do it.But such a woman did not care about her.

In that year, the family planning was particularly nervous. As long as the family knows that you are pregnant, you will run to your house immediately. If it is the first child, the second child will be pulled out if the second child is born.The things at home moved empty.It can be said that at that time, family planning was the biggest official. At that time, there was a woman named farmer, which was specifically responsible for family planning. Each household, a ruthless farmer. As long as she asked if there was a pregnant woman at home, everyone would everyone knowHoming, even saying that I don’t know directly.It is a particularly powerful role.

The policy is as soon as possible, and each couple can only have one child and be a fine.If public officials are superb, they will lose their jobs directly.The first child was born with a boy, but he wanted one, so he wanted another.Every day, every day, I hide in Tibet every day. When the stomach is too obvious, people will be discovered. When I hear someone coming to the house, I will go to the mountain to hide.Her pregnancy was still known to be planned, and she squatted near home to catch her to abandon.

One day, one was not concerned and was caught by the family planning. It has been seven months. It is too urgent to pull out the labor and fetes.It is said that he was a little boy. When he took it out, his face had everything. From then on, he had a shadow of psychology. He couldn’t come out for a whole year, and no one dared to mention it.

I have seen the ugliness of family planning. At that time, how many people who were planning for family planning were not their problems. It was not their problem or national policy.

After 1990, I also belonged to a super -born member. Listening to my grandmother said that I was fined 600 yuan at that time. My cousin was in 1998 and was fined 2,000 yuan.

Wooho, I hope not to have such an era.And you?Have you experienced the suffering of family planning?”I want to put on micro headline””Why don’t you give traffic”

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