The first time of a woman, the skills of love, the precautions for the first night

1. Do you see the red for the first sexual contact?

2. What are the skills of first -time love

3. What are the posture of men and women

Do women meet red at the beginning of the night? Not necessarily. There are survey reports that 63%of women in the survey have no bleeding after their first vaginal intercourse.What’s more interesting is that women who have experienced vaginal sexual intercourse will also have sexual bleeding.Therefore, vaginal bleeding cannot be evidence of the first vaginal sex.

Many people know hymen, but few people know what is the hymen.The hymen is actually not a layer of film, but consists of mucosal tissue. The inner and outer sides are covered with squamous epithelium.The number of connective tissues determines the thickness of the hymen.The hymen is more flexible and not easy to break, and the thin ones are easy to lacerous.

Most of the hymen rupture occurred at the time of the first time.When the rupture, women have sudden severe pain, accompanied by a small amount of bleeding. Generally, bleeding can stop without special treatment.However, there are also a few women’s hymen elasticity, with a certain expansion, and remaining complete without bleeding after sexual intercourse.Therefore, no bleeding does not mean that it is not a virgin.On the contrary, some women have performed hymen repair or cervical lesions. Seeing red after the same room, but not virgin.

3.1. Pay attention to the hygiene of the outer genitals: You and your husband should wash the vulva with warm water and neutral soap.Due to marriage and purchase items and entertaining relatives and friends, the wedding couples are busy and tired. Men’s foreskin dirt and women’s vaginal secretions increase. If they are not cleaned, they are very unhygienic, which will affect the sexual desire and health of both men and women.

3.2. Take good contraceptive measures: If both men and women do not want to ask their children right away and do not take contraceptives, both the couple have worries, and the woman is more afraid of pregnancy. Therefore, their thoughts cannot be highly concentrated and their sexual life will be affected.If the woman takes contraceptives in time, or the man put on a condom, the two sides have no worry, focus on, and sexual life will achieve satisfactory results.

3.3. Correctly treat premature ejaculation: In the initial intercourse, the man may fail due to lack of sexual knowledge or excessive excitement, and premature ejaculation causes sexual intercourse failure.You should forgive this situation. This is not premature ejaculation. With the accumulation of sexual knowledge and the accumulation of sexual experience, the two parties cooperate with each other and will quickly return to normal.

1. Gradually kissing: For women who have no sexual experience, it is best to kiss as the beginning of sex.The two were lying on the bed. The man put his left wrist under the woman’s head, slightly pushed the woman on the left wrist to lie on the side, and the right wrist surrounded the abdomen to the back quietly.When men embrace women, it is best to hold women tightly, so that women’s heads are in the position of men’s jaws.

2. Gently caressing the breasts: After a soft language warm and sweet kiss, the woman began to feel, and Su Su Ma Ma was in the heart, and then you could start to caress the chest.After that, exchanged back and forth, repeatedly caress, and gradually strengthened.Women’s nipples are erected when sexual excitement.Then caressing the chest with the same essentials with the same essentials.

3. Men must be slow when entering: Even if the pioneer of exploration has been sent, women are already wet enough. At the moment of the hymen rupture, it is inevitable that pain is inevitable.Therefore, men’s movements must be gentle. First, move up and down at the position of the vaginal opening, and then enter little by little. After the two are combined into one, do not move first, give women a buffer time, wait for her pain to hurt the pain, wait until her painAfter feeling the past, start exercise.

1. Women’s superiority: Do not let men be too fatigue, the most commonly used is women’s superior posture.Men only need to lie on their back, and the initiative of sexual intercourse is in the hands of the woman. When the woman completes the sexual intercourse, she also needs to consume a lot of physical strength.The most laborious thing is to take a semi -squat posture. This compares the muscle strength of the woman’s thighs. In order to save effort, the legs can be span on both sides of the man’s waist and bed in both knees.If you are tired, change other ways and alternately.

2. Sitting posture: Men are sitting, and they are placed behind their backs. Women back to the male sitting posture on the male.After the vaginal mouth of this sexual intercourse posture is more conducive to penile insertion, and women’s movements are more freely, and they are more laborious to do.The movement of this posture is similar to the front sitting position. Women can use their hands to resist the bed to support the body, giving the body a reaction force, just like sitting and shaking horses, which can save effort and can get pleasure.

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