The first time to be a dad?Proposal for prospective father guidelines for collection

"I was still the young man …" In a blink of an eye, the young man once had to bear the responsibility of a family.Today, today, Xiaobian provides everyone with the "quasi -father guide", let’s take it soon ~

Code of January

In the first month of pregnancy, expectant mothers will change some changes, such as frequent urination, vomiting in the morning, sensitive to odor, easy fatigue, drowsiness, etc.

1. Quit smoking and drinking, of course, you should pay attention to this when preparing for pregnancy.

2. Accompany the mothers to the hospital to confirm whether to conceive.

3. Urges the mother to insist on supplement folic acid.

4. Prepare some of the bred books.

5. Student sexual desire. In the early stages of pregnancy, the same room is not conducive to fetal development.

Code of February

It is now a sensitive period for the development of various organs of the fetus. At this stage, it is necessary to avoid the impact of radiation and drugs on the fetus.

1. Some expectant mothers will have a strong early pregnancy reaction, and the prospective father should give more comfort and understanding.

2. Take more housework and remind expectant mothers to rest more.

3. Appetite the mood of quasi -mother.

4. You can arrange the room. It is good to stick some cute and beautiful baby photos.

5. Prepare some foods that can ease pregnancy.

Code of March

The third month of pregnancy. At this time, the response of the expectant mother’s early pregnancy may be more obvious.

1. Understand some nutritional knowledge, arrange the diet of expectant mothers reasonably, and balance nutrition.

2. Prepare the first birth inspection and go with the mother!

3. Supervise the schedule, go to bed early and get up early.If the expectant mother can’t sleep, prepare some foods that help sleep, such as warm milk.

4. The mothers of expectant mothers are changing, and encouragement and praise should be given to reduce her concerns.

5. Chat with the mother -in -law mother and take a walk.

Code of April

The end of pregnancy is ended, and now it is in the second trimester. Early pregnancy reactions gradually disappear. Specific mothers will be more energetic than early pregnancy, and their appetite will increase greatly.

1. One day is in the morning. In the morning, you can accompany your mother to take a walk or buy food to prepare some nutritious breakfast.

2. Urges the mother to expose the sun and supplement calcium.

3. Find some activities to mobilize the interesting mother’s life, so that it is not so boring during pregnancy.

4. Give a small gift to the expectant mother. The flat shoes and maternity clothes suitable for pregnant women are very good.

5. If the expectant mother is pregnant 35 years old, or the history of abortion and death, then go for a test during this time.

Code in May

I have been pregnant for five months. At this time, the fetal treasure has grown a lot. The expectant mothers can already feel the fetal movement. Now they can start a comprehensive prenatal education.

1. Persist in walking with the quasi mother every day.

2. The home environment should be comfortable, quiet, and stay away from noise.

3. The prospective dad participates in prenatal education and is better for fetal development.Therefore, you have to talk to the fetus more so that your baby can remember your voice.

4. The mood of expectant mothers is very important. Do not make her angry, otherwise it is not good for fetal development.

Code of June

Now, expectant mothers should find that her appetite is greatly increased, her weight is soaring, her stomachs are much larger, and their actions are not so convenient.

1. A qualified husband must first learn to listen.During this period, it is important to listen to mothers to speak.

2. Mother expectant mothers may now be worried about stretch marks, too much weight, worrying about her body, and not suffering from their baby’s nutrition, so the prospective father should give more comfort.

3. It is also essential to accompany the checkup!

4. If you are free on the weekend, you may wish to buy some baby products together and arrange the room.

Code of July

Now expectant mothers may begin to have edema, constipation, and unable to sleep, and the abdomen is getting bigger and larger, and the action is not so convenient.

1. Persist in walking after meals.

2. Learn about some childbirth and accompany the mother’s mothers on some prenatal training courses.

3. Talk more about her heart and communicate, so that she knows that you are also very concerned about the baby and her.

4. Persist in prenatal education and talk to your baby more.

5. The method of learning several fetal movements can supervise and assist expectant mothers.

6. Help expectant mothers to massage her legs and feet, shoulders, and back, so that she can reduce her discomfort.

Code of August

It is now on the third trimester. At this stage, the quality of the expectant mothers will decline, often I can’t sleep, and my temper may be a bit big and easy to be impatient.

1. When the expectant mother loses her temper and complains, listen more, treat it tolerance, and try not to talk.

2. Pregnancy is not suitable for exercise, and reasonable exercise is many.

3. Persist in assisting expectant mothers to count the fetal movement.

4. You can accompany the expectant mother to buy the baby’s clothes and supplies, and think about the baby’s name, so that the expectant mothers can be more positive and emotionally improved.

5. In the third trimester, you need to control your sexual life.

Code of September

Fetal development has basically matured. At this time, the baby is adjusting the state to prepare for birth.The expectant mothers may often be unable to sleep, constipation, etc., so the prospective father must do a good job of taking care of the expectant mother.

1. Persist in walking with the mothers, checking, and several fetal movements.

2. Ped the mothers to prepare for the birth package together to see if there are still omissions.

3. Check out whether some basic documents are complete.

4. Pay attention to diet.

5. Give a small gift to the prospective mother.


October Code

For the last month, this month may make people feel more long. Wait patiently. The baby will soon come out to meet you.The prospective dad can not relax for the last month!

1. Mother -in -law’s mother -in -law can make her feel happy.

2. To understand the environment of the delivery room, doctors, etc., the hospital prepares what to be given birth, and which ones need to be brought over.

3. Determine the contact information and the arrangement of transportation during childbirth.

4. Some babies are relatively naughty and may not come out. At this time, the prospective dad has to comfort the mother -in -law and go to the hospital in time.

5. Reasonably arrange work. The environment of the family must be guaranteed to prepare for expectant mothers’ delivery and discharge.

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