The girl is for her boyfriend to go to college, her boyfriend will marry someone else, and the girl is pregnant. What will she do?

Rural girls enter the city to work for her boyfriend to read. The two agreed to get married when their boyfriend graduated, but many years later, her boyfriend married others. The girl was relentlessly abandoned by her boyfriend. She was praised by her move. A movie "Chen Yue’s wedding dress ".

The story background of the film takes place in a small town in the south. Chen Yue, a girl in high school, has excellent academic performance. She is the person who is most hopeful to be admitted to college in the eyes of the teacher, but she is facing dropping out of school.The reason is simple, but the income at home cannot afford the tuition fees of a few children. Parents and men are young and female. Under the weighing advantages and disadvantages, they can only let Chen Yue drop out of school and go out to work.

Chen Yue is naturally unwilling. The reason why she studied hard and studied hard is to take a day to pass the ideal university and get out of this poor and backward town.

Everyone in the family advised Chen Yue. The girl had the life of her baby. It was useless to read so many books. In the end, she was not going to get married and have children.

Chen Yue, who was alone, couldn’t confront reality with the power of one person. It happened that Grandpa had a serious illness. The medical expenses were not uniform. Chen Yue, a sensible Chen Yue, looked at the grandfather who was tortured by the illness. She could only compromise.

She was sitting by the river and watching the past ships. The gray sky was just like her mood at the moment. She fell one by one with tears. She understood that her dreams dissipated in the wind with the tears.

Chen Yue and male classmates in the same class like each other like each other. Jiashun’s family is not good. The mother is weak and sick.

The two had agreed to take the college together, but now Chen Yue had to drop out of school.On the day Jiashun got the admission notice, he trot all the way to find Chen Yue. He wanted to share this good news with Chen Yue.

Chen Yue looked at the admission notice, and tears couldn’t stop falling. Her grievances burst out at this moment, and Jia Shun sighed Chen Yue in his arms.

Love fills Chen Yue’s heart like a time, and she pinnate her university dream on her boyfriend’s house.And she also embarked on the road to work in the city.

Chen Yue and the girl Dou Doudou have no background. It doesn’t matter. Girls who have no diploma can only go to the restaurant to wash the dishes. They have suffered from crowding and ridicule. Even if they are bitter and tired, the two girls have never thought of shrinking.

In the evening, no matter how tired Chen Yue, Chen Yue will write a letter to the family with a flashlight. In the letter, she lied that she had found a relaxed job. She ate well and lived well.Jiashun also studied very hard. He understood that he was a university of two people.

A few months later, the two girls received their salary. Chen Yue sent part of the money to Jiashun, and part of them were sent to the home. The rest and Dou Doudou quietly discussed it and stole it in the pillow.

Their whispering was listened to the girls in the same dormitory. After a few days, the boss fired them on the grounds of house demolition. The money hidden under the pillow flew.

After that, Jiashun’s mother became ill. Jia Shun wanted to give up reading, but Chen Yue advised him to study hard. She would solve the money.Chen Yue went to the bar and the nightclub as a waiter. In the mixed environment of fish and dragons, she still loved and kept awake.

At that time, girls’ reputation at the nightclub would be unclear.This also paved the way for the two to go together in the future.

Chen Yue made money to treat Jiashun’s mother, and also supported Jiashun until college graduation.She and Doudou from Tongcun gradually settled in Beijing, and the two girls opened a beauty shop in Beijing.

Opposite the beauty shop is a wedding shop. When she is free, Chen Yue will always stare at the white wedding dress opposite. She is eager to wear the white wedding dress to marry her beloved boyfriend Jiashun, which is as pure as their love.

Chen Yue’s beauty shop opened shortly after the opening, Jiashun came to see her, the two people in a long distance finally met, and Chen Yue’s dedication also exchanged for Jiashun’s phrase "I love you, I will be nice to you".promise.This time, Chen Yue was willing to deliver himself to Jiashun completely with the future.

After looking at Chen Yue, after being busy in the store, he was a successful boss, and then thought that he did not even fall in the work after graduation. The interview was repeatedly frustrated. In a moment, he was inferior.

After Jiashun returned to his hometown as a elementary school teacher, his salary was not high, but at least it was a decent and stable job.Chen Yue remembered the agreement with Jiashun’s early marriage. She made a lot of money in the store for a year with her solidity.

She even bought the things she used to get married together with the wedding dress she dreamed of. When she returned to her hometown to find Jiashun, she found that Jiashun was cold to her.Not only Jiashun, the people in the village also avoided her.

It turned out that the rumors of Chen Yue’s work at the nightclub work were spreading. Jiashun’s mother did not agree with Jiashun and Chen Yue to continue their relationship, and even arranged other girls on family blind date for Jiashun.

Jiashun had neither the courage to resist his mother, nor the courage to say something to Chen Yue when he teased Chen Yue. He completely forgot that Chen Yue gave everything to him.

At this point, Chen Yue found that she was pregnant, and she didn’t tell anyone, including Jiashun.She put on the long -awaited wedding dress and came to Jiashun. This person who had entrusted a whole youth and the future, at this moment, did not even look up at her courage.

Chen Yue, who was heartbroken, gave her all the hard -earned money of her sweat for so many years, and then ran away without looking back.On the wet bluestone slab, Chen Yue ran all the way wearing a white wedding dress all the way, passing the passers -by who watched coldly, and passed through the rumors. It seemed that the faster he could throw this wrong payment.

The next day, Chen Yue stepped on the train back to Beijing. After that, he went to have a miscarriage. No one knew how she had spent that heartache, just like the hard -earned money she had earned.Same.

Soon after, she received the money sent by Jiashun, and this relationship also ended.She never returned to the town that made her sad again.

The money can be repaid, but how can she return the sincerity and youth she paid for this?

It is praised that Chen Yue was still awake. She was going back to the money and destroyed the children in her belly.In this way, she can start again.

"Chen Yue’s Wedding" is one of the TV movie "Absolute Privacy" adapted from the novel of the same name.The film not only tells the story of rural girls Chen Yue’s work for her boyfriend to be abandoned, but also tells women’s self -growth and awakening from the side.

Although Chen Yue is a rural girl, she has a clear goal and has to go to college.After being forced to drop out of school, she did not have been willing to work for others. Instead, she opened some of her own shop after saving some money.Even when she was abandoned by her boyfriend and marrying her, she was not entangled at all, and she did not use the child in her belly to marry her, because she also had her own pride and dignity.This relationship was betrayed, and she didn’t want it. The man was so weak that he was not worthy of her love.

Regardless of love or marriage, if the other party weighs the advantages and disadvantages to abandon you, then girls must know how to stop loss in time.

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