The hamster is too wayward, the mother and the mouse: if you want to give birth, you can save it after you have a life.

Many of us have raised pets, and most of the pets have a strong reproduction ability. In particular, comparison with people, the average person has one child once, and there are fewer two babies.There are a few that can be counted.And as long as they are willing, there are no problems at all, and 7 or 8 are even more commonplace.Like hamsters, the reproduction ability is even better, and two can breed hundreds of little hamsters.

However, in addition to the strong reproduction ability, the pregnancy and breeding ability of the mouse and son is actually better than many of us know.Hamsters are too wayward, mother -in -law: If you want to give birth, you can save it after you have a life.

The hamster theory can start mating for more than a month, but three months can be considered as a mouse, and the mother mouse is best to regenerate the baby after five months.Fast.Hamsters can generally have about 2-12 rats at a time.Most of the first child will have less, and usually 1-2 is almost the same.The amount of quantity depends on the physical fitness of the mouse.If you only want a few hamsters, then hamsters have only one child, which is better for the pet owner.

After the mouse is pregnant, the baby can be given to the baby within 17-25 days.After the hamster gave birth to the first child, the regeneration of the baby behind was almost the same as the hanging.As long as the mother and rats are nutritious, they can nurture more than four each time until they grow up and become mice.

The key point is, how long can the mother mouse be regenerated?In fact, the pregnancy ability of the mouse is quite wayward.Whether it is during pregnancy or when the baby is just produced, as long as you have a pairing behavior with the male mouse, you can get pregnant again!And ignore the principle of mature babies together.

In fact, even with the right match on the same day, the hamster mother can make the baby stay in the stomach for a while, and feel that the stomach can’t hold it anymore.As a result, there are pet mothers and mice.Obviously there is only a period of pairing, but the time for giving birth to a baby is very different.When it was nearly 17 days after 16 days, I did n’t know if it was a baby.

I may feel that these two babies are familiar later. The remaining babies are not familiar with them, and they have to raise it for a while.Therefore, the pet owner watched the mother and mouse after a period of weak production, and continued to jump on his stomach for several days, and his stomach had not meant.In the end, I waited at least three days before giving birth to the remaining few.

I have to say that the ability of the mother and son to be pregnant is too wayward.It should be noted that too frequent pregnancy production behaviors will greatly lose the body of the mouse.Those who want to make their rats healthy and longevity do not want the mice in their homes to be full, and they cannot be sent out. They still make or not to pair them.

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