The harm of pregnancy and anger is extremely great. You must learn to adjust yourself. The reason is that this is the case.

Pregnancy is the most critical period in a woman’s life. Due to the ups and downs of hormones in the body during pregnancy, edema, dizziness, back pain, insomnia, and frequent urination will occur.This will make the mood of pregnant women very unstable. It is often irritable, irritable, fragile, and afraid of loneliness. This requires her family to understand her hard work, understand her uncomfortable, accompany, and care more.

If pregnant women have a long time of emotional instability and low mood, it will be unfavorable to themselves.

1. The harmful hormone produced in the body when the pregnant woman is angry will enter the placenta through the blood circulation, and then changes the blood component of the placenta, stimulate the fetus, increases the probability of fetal malformations, and even induces congenital heart disease.In this way, the children’s pregnant mothers are very suffering, so for the children, they must pay special attention to their mood, and don’t be controlled by emotions.

2. Pregnant women’s emotional fluctuations affect the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen.When pregnant women are mood, the number of fetal movements is 3 times more than usual, and up to about 10 times the normal.The fetal movement is too frequent, which can cause the baby’s anxiety.

Long -term restlessness in the abdomen will cause the baby to consume too much physical strength. After birth, the weight is often about one kilogram lighter than ordinary infants.

And if the mood of pregnant women during pregnancy is long -term depression, some physical dysfunction of the body will experience some physical disorders after birth, especially the baby’s digestive system function is prone to disorder.And it will affect the baby’s emotions. After the baby is born, it is not so good. It will appear active, crying, and more likely to get sick.

3. It is easy to cause abortion. This is because people secrete a hormone called internal alcohol when they are angry. It will inhibit the secretion of progesterone in the body of pregnant women. Too low progesterone is the direct cause of abortion.

4. It is easy to suffer from postpartum depression. When pregnant women have long -term emotional depression, low mood, explosive and irritable emotions during pregnancy, they will not discharge and adjust in time. The probability of suffering from depression will increase.

So what methods can regulate the emotions of pregnant women?

1. Maintain good sleep quality.For pregnant women, it is crucial to maintain a certain sleep time and good sleep quality.If pregnant women have poor sleep quality, they will have problems such as irritability, irritability, and temper.

2. Listen to soothing music.The beautiful and soothing concert played a good role in regulating people’s mood.During pregnancy, pregnant women are always in fear of giving birth, and they will also worry about the health of the baby after birth.This will feel that every moment is in stress, and the emotions will become very nervous.

At this time, you can listen to some beautiful and soothing music that you like, which can not only alleviate your tension, but also play a good role in the fetus.

3. Do pregnant women yoga under the guidance of professionals.If pregnant women rarely do exercise before pregnancy, or their flexibility is not particularly good, then it is not recommended to do pregnant women yoga after pregnancy, it is easy to strain and easily lead to bad consequences.If pregnant women have always been insisting on exercise and good physical flexibility, yoga during pregnancy can not only relieve tension, but also help the fetal growth and development.

In the process of yoga, it will help pregnant women to control the balance system of the brain subconsciously, which can help pregnant women calm their hearts, soothe stress, and calm their bodies and souls.

In addition, yoga during pregnancy can also help pregnant women relieve and release bad emotions such as annoying, irritable, dryness, and sadness caused by increased pregnancy secretion.

4. Go to a place with fresh air.Pregnant women should not take too long for walking, and control according to their physical fitness for half an hour to one hour.

It is extremely unfavorable for both adults or babies during pregnancy, so pregnant women must learn to adjust themselves during pregnancy, restore their emotions, and happy every day.Bless every pregnant mother can be pregnant.

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