The hot topic of test tube baby "three consecutive questions"

Peng Xiandong, deputy chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University

Which season has the highest success rate

As a test tube baby, the success rate must be one of the most concerned issues.A long time ago, some scholars noticed that the natural reproduction of human beings would have seasonal changes.There is no clear explanation for this incident. It is speculated that human breeding is closely related to climate and season, and it may also be related to marriage customs.For example, when you get married in the Spring Festival, there must be a peak of fertility at the end of the year.

So, will the seasonal changes affect the success rate of IVF?Surly cold and hot, summer is too hot, the temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn, too cold in winter, in which season is the best to do IVF?

In fact, while patients are concerned about this issue, doctors are also paying attention to.During the period when IVF treatment was carried out, many doctors instinctively thought that would I test the success rate of IVF in the spring?Because spring is the season of everything growing.

As a result, various experiments have been launched one after another, and found that the seasons have no effect on the number of egg obtained, good embryo, fertilization rate, bed rate, pregnancy rate and embryo quality.In other words, the success rate in the year may indeed be high or low, but the difference is not large, and the annual data trend is different. Sometimes it is a little higher in spring. Sometimes it is a bit high in summer.Come.

IVF is the part of fertilization and embryonic development to the in vitro (laboratory) for training.The conditions of in vitro culture such as temperature, humidity, oxygen pressure, carbon dioxide pressure, and even nitrogen pressure are constant under the conditions that are most suitable for embryonic survival (close to the human body), and are not affected by changes in the external season. Therefore, which season is done.IVF is the same.

Therefore, the success rate of IVF has nothing to do with the season and is not affected by the season.Therefore, expectant mothers do not have to worry about when to see a doctor, as long as you arrange your job, you can do IVF at any time.You know, the child will not care about which season to meet you, they are ready to pick him up at any time.

Will Chunmeng affect the embryo bed?

Section and five, there will be patients quietly asking: "Doctor, I have a spring dream last night, will this affect the embryo bed?" Especially after the embryo transplantation, there seems to be a minority who is a spring dream.To be honest, there are a lot of people who are interested in this issue, but they cannot find relevant literature.

Chunmeng is also called sex dreams, or "dream sex", which refers to shame in sleep.Some surveys show that almost everyone has had a spring dream, as long as it is normal people.Some people say that this is an important foundation for mental health, so don’t be shy if you do spring dreams.

Why is it easy to have spring dreams after embryo transplantation?It is speculated that it may be related to the following points: 1. There is something in the day and dreamed of dreamer: If you have a child, you ca n’t do without sex, and if you think more, you will be logical.2. Some people stop sex because they do IVF, and mistakenly believe that sexual life will affect the success rate.However, once I fall asleep, the desire deep in the consciousness is not controlled by myself.3. Change of hormones in the body: Before the embryo transplantation, each patient uses a certain dose of estrogen.Growth of estrogen can increase sexual desire, so it is easy to irritate sexual desire as soon as wind blows.4. Vaginal medication can stimulate the vagina, partial congestion in the vagina, and increased secretions, which will also make it easy for people to have sexual desire.

So, is there any disadvantage of Chunmeng?In fact, the reason why everyone is worried that after the spring dream will affect the embryo bed, it is mainly because the spring dream is often accompanied by orgasm, and contractions will occur. The contraction will interfere with the embryo, so the embryo is not easy to bed.

In fact, it is not necessary.The author made a small scale in clinical clinical. The conclusion that Chunmeng does not affect the embryo bed. On the contrary, the success rate of the people who appear in spring dreams are quite high. A total of 18 of 25 people are pregnant.Although the number of examples is too small, it can still explain some problems.Before the transplant, the doctor injected the patient’s sedative uterus and the anti -contraction drug. Although it could not be clear how many effects could be, at least the adverse effects of the endometrium on the day of the transplantation day could be avoided.

Will the baby’s health and intelligence affect?

IVF health and intelligence issues are one of the issues that everyone cares about.In fact, IVF spent only in the laboratory in the first three to 5 days of life.The main process of life breeding is completed in the mother’s body.In the end, whether it is physiological, psychological, or intelligence, it is no different from children who are naturally conceived, and the defect rate of birth has not increased.

A large sample study in foreign countries proves that after IVF grows up, it is better for development in all aspects.However, from a scientific perspective, the doctor believes that because he is an IVF, the maintenance environment after birth may be better.(Zhang Yan compiled)

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