The husband and wife did not get pregnant for 4 years, and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor helplessly laughed "I have no rule of law"

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Yesterday, my classmate used the expression of internal injuries to tell me the bitter history of her brother’s pregnancy.She said that her brother -in -law is 37 or eight years old and has not been pregnant for 4 years.At the beginning, the two were separated from two cities after marriage and did not intend to have children.In the past two years, preparing for children, but I have been unable to conceive.Some time ago, the couple went to the hospital for examination. The doctor saw that they were fine.Then, they asked them some details about preparing pregnancy, but found that the two did not understand what "born baby" at all.

Her brother and sister -in -law were shy that when the junior high school biological class lectured about physiological knowledge, the teacher asked to read a book for self -study.Moreover, both sides are high -profile families. The parents are quite conservative and have never told them physiological knowledge.And both of them are the kind of people who are "disagreed outside the window and only read the sages of the sages". The new wedding night is just hugging. When the closest, the woman stopped because of the "pain" of the woman.After learning about this, the doctor smiled helplessly, saying "I have no rule of law", and then told them that only sperm eggs can succeed in pregnancy.Therefore, doctors suggest that they can learn physiological knowledge first, overcome psychological tensions, and then talk about pregnancy after success.

Before, I have also seen similar news, and I also talk about a couple of school tyrants. I do n’t know how to have a baby.At that time, I still felt that this was strange, but I didn’t expect it to be really around.In fact, it is no wonder that the two generations of the two generations after the 70s and 80s have not been so open when they go to school. Schools and parents do not pay attention to or even avoid the knowledge of science science physiology.And some people who are too honest, or those who can only read, and do not live, will really happen this kind of ignorant pregnancy farce.

With the increasing infertility couples in recent years, doctors also said that in addition to some problems because of physical problems, many couples are caused by insufficient fertility knowledge:

The lack of physiological knowledge will lead to difficulties in preparation for some husbands and wives

There are many husbands and wives preparing for pregnancy. Although they are not as ignorant as the Xueba couple mentioned above, because of lack of systematic physiological knowledge, it is also easy to cause difficulties in preparing for pregnancy.For example, lack of basic common sense when preparing for pregnancy, thinking that as long as you are together, you will get pregnant.Or, do not know how to find the ovulation period, or it is too much or too little every month, causing missing the quality of the ovulation or male "small tadpoles" to decrease, and so on.These are not correct ways to prepare for pregnancy.

The correct preparation is that the pre -pregnancy couples have to check, and then eat folic acid for three months in advance.During this period, men and women must quit smoking and alcohol, and their diet should be balanced and reasonable.Pay attention to grasping the ovulation period. It is best to keep the frequency of "making baby" from 4 days before ovulation until 1 day before ovulation.If you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, 2 days before and after ovulation are also "activity".

Psychological reasons can also cause couples to be unable to get pregnant smoothly

There are many husbands and wives who can’t be pregnant, but it is normal for various examinations in the hospital. The biggest reason for infertility is that the psychological pressure is too great and the spirit is too anxious.Especially women, if they are tense because of their pregnancy, can cause endocrine disorders, affect ovulation or inhibit ovulation, so they cannot be pregnant smoothly.

Therefore, doctors will recommend pregnant couples, pay attention to exercise properly and supplement diet nutrition, and then relax, and treat pregnancy as a natural thing, so as to easily get pregnant.

Netizens, do you think you lack systematic pregnancy knowledge?


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