The husband and wife plan Dink do not want a child, the mother -in -law hugs Sun Xinshi, secretly poke the condom to cause the daughter -in -law to get pregnant

According to the "Mirror" reported on February 15, a foreign woman discovered that her mother -in -law interfered her Dink plan and pierced all their condoms in her and her husband’s bedroom, shocked and shared her experience.

The couple faced the pressure of their parents to urge them to have children for many years. After the couple discussed, they frankly told the parents of both parties that their husbands and wives did not want their children. After the husband’s mother understood their thoughts, they personally adopted them.Action broke all their condoms.After his wife discovered this, he shared all the matter on social networking sites.

She and her husband are almost 30 years old. After careful consideration, they decided not to children.Therefore, some people label them "selfish". The husband’s mother’s response to the matter is the most strong, resolutely opposed, and told them that this will cause their family’s blood and surnames to die.

Nevertheless, the couple still insisted on their decisions and hoped that her husband’s mother would change their thoughts, but unexpectedly, the husband’s mother actually did something despicable with them.

One night, my mother -in -law took the initiative to make dinner for the couple, and then opened his son and asked him to go to the store to buy some ingredients.When the wife came home from get off work, she found that her husband had not returned home.

So she went upstairs to change her clothes, but as soon as she entered the bedroom, she saw that her room had been overwhelmed.

When she opened the door of the bedroom, she saw her mother -in -law carefully poke the hole in their condoms.

When her mother -in -law found that her behavior was discovered by her wife, she slammed her head and burst into tears.Vaguely said that she was trying to save the family, and then ran out of the house crazy.

When her husband came home, she told him about it, and her husband was shocked by her mother’s behavior.

To make matters worse, they soon realized that they had lived in their mother’s house for a few weeks, and it was likely that during this period, the mother interfered with their contraceptive measures.

Netizens were also very shocked after hearing her story.Some people told them that they should go to the police station to sue the mother; some people think that in the face of serious violations such as mothers, they should not have any contact with the mother; and many people suggestConditions, do a pregnancy test.

Unfortunately, after a examination, after watching the doctor, the woman updated her post, revealing that she was actually pregnant with her first child, and she didn’t know what to do next.

Her recent update mentioned that she was sorry for not being updated in time. These four days she felt very upset and couldn’t sleep at all.

In the past few days, her mother -in -law has been calling the couple, but they did not ignore it.

The wife added that she never thought about her child, but she could not bear to abandon and seize the child’s life.In such a situation, she doesn’t know what to do.

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