The husband is derailed during his wife’s pregnancy. Do you want to forgive?

Guide: Today, society always has a variety of temptations, so that the derailment rate in marriage is getting higher and higher now.We will always see a lot of incidents related to marriage in the Internet, in videos, and even news. It is difficult for ordinary people to be known, but the examples of celebrities will be full of storms.So whether it is a star or an unknown ordinary people, the husband is derailed during his wife’s pregnancy. Will his wife forgive her husband?


Early in the morning, it was scared by Yiqu Jun Gao Yunxiang’s news. All major entertainment news reported that Gao Yunxiang was detained.

In the afternoon, Gao Yunxiang Studio has already responded, "The police have been involved, don’t speculate at good", his wife Dong Xuan replied to declare, "Let everyone worry that I believe him."Later, I continued to follow up reports that the "Bail Refuse" of the local court of Sydney refused to bail and will be re -tried on April 6th at 9:30 am.

I really don’t know how to express my mood at this moment.Because Gao Yunxiang and his wife Dong Xuan are relatively low -key, and Dong Xuan is pregnant with a second child, and she will not have news. As soon as the news is the scandal related to law, the brain is short -circuited for a while.

Netizens are more enthusiastic. It is nothing more than two points. One is that his wife is so beautiful and derailed. The other is to touch the law.

Of course, there are more enthusiastic netizens to argue. His wife is beautiful and her husband has nothing to do with her husband. Zhang Yuqi is also a goddess. The ex -husband Wang Quanan is still so much that she is derailed.Some netizens suspected that Gao Yunxiang was not ugly. He sexually assaulted a 36 -year -old woman abroad.

Today we do not discuss the authenticity of the incident.

We discuss a classic issue today. When his wife was pregnant, men were derailed and cried after derailment. Should my wife forgive men?


With the development of society, the derailment rate is getting higher and higher in urban life, and it seems that more derailment examples are when women are pregnant, and men choose derailment due to the need to vent.

I don’t know where to read a word, saying that there are few women who are not derailed after the second child is pregnant, or go to an appointment, or simply go.If it is true, it is not worth it for women, especially those who are old -fashioned for the second child.

I give you a body for you to give birth to a baby health, but you can’t care about your physiological impulse to be happy and happy. Why make our women feel embarrassed?Intersection

From the stars, we can see that there are many such examples. For example, during the pregnancy of Ma Yizhen, the article and Yao Di are in love. Although Ma Yizhen and the article have reconciled today, it is undeniable that the incident at that time was also full of trouble. For example, at the beginningXie Xingfang gave birth to Lin Dan, but Lin Dan was exploded by derailment Zhao Yaqi during Xie Xingfang’s pregnancy. For example, Chen He was derailed that year, and Chen He’s ex -wife Xu Jing was 8 months pregnant …

So when a woman is derailed during pregnancy, is it forgiven or forgiveness?

If you do not forgive me, it means that there is almost only divorce.It does not mean that the marriage of the star is not described here, because the celebrity’s marriage has many factors that many outsiders do not know. We only say that this happens to the marriage of ordinary people.

Divorce is the end of a marriage. After the departure is, it is left.But the fact is that many women have no way to make divorce.

For example, there are no economic income, no skills, and no courage to start from scratch. These women either paralyze their brains or quarrel with symbolic.

Even more perseverance women think that the husband’s derailment is his own fault. From his own review, he is unwilling to blame the husband. These IQs are in a negative limit.

Of course, there are bravers, women who can’t hold sand in their eyes, have their own bottom line and dignity.Since you do the first day, then I will do fifteen. You mess around during my pregnancy, I will kill the children and make a shot.Such a female man dares to take it, but not many.

There are also some compromised women, usually one yard and one yard, and treat them rationally.First of all, it is absolutely not forgiven; second, not forgiveness is to divorce; in the end, the child is born, but it is raised by himself.Such women usually take the responsibility of maternal love and have a certain economic strength, otherwise they cannot pay for raising children.


Should my husband be derailed during his pregnancy, should you forgive it?Seriously, after the social life, after the husband is derailed during his pregnancy, many women will choose to forgive.

And the forgiveness may be more: passive forgiveness.

What is passive forgiveness?Some women do not go to work and have no income after they get married; some women are to bring their baby at home, and they do not go to work. Most of these women without financial resources will be passively forgive because they need to continue to live.

Some women need a family to set up a family, thinking that a person cannot face the questioning of society, relatives and friends, so he chooses forgiveness.

Forgiveness is also costly. The sequelae of forgiveness is that it is very likely that the husband’s old illness will be committed again and again.

It is best to plan a agreement, which is more legal than the guarantee.For example, if the husband is doing or derailed again, he will go out of the house or compensate his wife’s mental loss.Otherwise, if you don’t have a pain and noise, it will not be very good.


It was not forgiveness to be for husband and wife, but from the perspective of his wife, the husband did this is undoubtedly a fatal blow to marriage.

Nowadays, there are many uncomfortable marriage laws in China. Everyone’s focus is still in the stage of "how to not suffer when getting married", and all interests are in the property before marriage.

However, how to operate together after marriage and how to take responsibility will not be investigated. We should learn abroad and treat them fairly.

I also hope that both the husband and wife will reach a loyal agreement to marriage before marriage. Since they love it, they will leave if they don’t love.

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