The husband went out to work for a year, and his wife was pregnant and had children at home. After the husband returned, the landlord panicked

Husband Zhang Tao

The man holding a marriage certificate in this hand is called Zhang Tao. She has been married to his wife Luo Xiuwen for 15 years. He has three children. The wife is beautiful and gentle, her husband is practical, and the child is obedient. In the eyes of others, this is extremely happy.The family.

However, it is not a relaxed thing to feed three children. In order to maintain the life expenses of the family, Zhang Tao worked in a foreign country all year round. It was a year when he walked, and his wife Luo Xiuwen took care of the three children alone at home.

Wife Luo Xiuwen

She often complained that her husband could not help herself by her. Zhang Tao also understood that it was not easy for his wife. Every time he was a daughter -in -law, he could only say some good coaxing wives on the phone.

At the beginning, Zhang Tao felt that there was no problem with the life that was separated from the two places like this. He could only go home once a year. Until a few years ago, he found something wrong, which was the beginning of his pain.

At the end of that year, Zhang Tao led his salary to go home happily, but unexpectedly found a report form in his wife’s safe. This report form showed that his wife Xiuwen had pregnant, And also performed abortion surgery.

Report card

After looking at this report, Zhang Tao was in place, and the whole person was covered.Normally, in this case, which man will blame his wife’s infidelity.

But Zhang Tao didn’t do this. He thought for a long time, and eventually he didn’t say anything.He said that he worked outside for so many years, although for this family, but only went home once a year, his wife has been complaining. In recent years, he has indeed did not really take care of his wife’s feelings.

In addition, they have three children. He wants the children to have a complete home, so he is unwilling to tear his face with his wife.

So this time he chose tolerance.

In Zhang Tao’s view, anyone will make mistakes, and everyone has a difference.He wanted to use his tolerance to his wife’s remorse. He secretly thought that as long as his wife knew that repentance changed the life, he would no longer mention it.

However, no one would expect that after just one year, Xiuwen made a mistake again, and the mistakes this time became even more excessive.When Zhang Tao returned home, he found that his wife gave birth to a little boy.

This time, it was really unbearable. He ran to question who his wife’s father was, but his wife clenched her teeth and didn’t mention the child’s biological father.

Zhang Tao was bad. Since his wife didn’t say, he went to investigate the matter himself.He went to the neighbor’s house to visit and asked the acquaintances around him, but after all, it was Zhang Tao’s family affairs. Even if the neighbors knew the truth, it was not blunt.

Even so, Zhang Tao found from the vague words of the neighbors that the newborn child had a bit of connection with the landlord.

Rental house

After returning home, Zhang Tao carefully looked at the child, and found that the children’s five officials were very similar to the landlord.

Moreover, Zhang Tao also found a detail. Since the child has this child, the landlord came to their rental houses every three differences. Every time they come, they will bring some things to eat and wear.

Even if Zhang Tao’s reaction is dull, you can see some clues.He wanted to communicate well with his wife, but helpless his wife ignored him at all. In order to understand the doubts of happiness, he had to ask a reporter for help.

Under Zhang Tao’s leadership, the reporter came to the rental house and saw Luo Xiuwen, holding the child.The reporter sat next to Luo Xiuwen and wanted to understand her true thoughts.

Who knows that the reporter hasn’t had a mouthful, Zhang Tao couldn’t wait to step forward and asked his wife: "Is this child born with the landlord?"

This time, in front of the reporter, Luo Xiuwen did not deny Zhang Tao’s claim.She cried and said to the reporter: "I don’t want to have passed with Zhang Tao. Although I made a mistake, I did not admit this error, and I don’t want to admit it."

Reporter and Luo Xiuwen

Her remarks surprised everyone present. She obviously betrayed her marriage, but she didn’t have any guilt, but she had to be reasonable, just like how much grievance she had suffered.

It can be seen that the psychological quality of this woman is not ordinary.

When he heard his wife’s divorce, Zhang Tao suddenly stunned.Obviously, his wife was derailed to have children with other men. He did not beat the two, and didn’t even say a word. In the end, his wife was unwilling to pass by himself. He stood in the corner and sighed.

Looking back at the life with his wife’s husband and wife in the past ten years, he couldn’t help feeling that although he and his wife did not have a wealthy and noble, he was considered ordinary and practical.Does the wife have no feelings for herself?

Zhang Tao blushed his eyes. He said that his wife had made such a big mistake. He never thought of divorce. He still had feelings for his wife, and could not bear to let the three children live in an incomplete family.

Although he was very angry, he still wanted to solve this matter properly and did not want to end with divorce.However, his wife seemed to have been going to divorce, and he was too lazy to say a word.

Seeing this, Zhang Tao told reporters that the bell must also be a bell person. It seems that if you want to solve this relationship, you still have to talk to the landlord first.

With the help of reporters, Zhang Tao finally met the landlord Wang Ren.Surprisingly, before Zhang Tao opened, the landlord hurriedly denied his relationship with Luo Xiuwen.

Reporter & landlord (left)

He said that he and Xiuwen were just ordinary friends. He emphasized that the reason why he often went to the rental house of Zhang Tao’s two was to see the lovely children who were born with lovely. He really just went to see the child.

Without a few words, Wang Ren said that he was very busy, and there were many jobs to do, and he hurriedly drove away.

Zhang Tao saw that he was not here to solve the problem at all. He was very angry. He aimed at the landlord’s wife to see if there was a breakthrough in her mouth.

The landlord’s wife was very refreshing. When she met, she bluntly said that she knew the secret that the landlord and Xiuwen could not sue, and also knew that there was a little boy in his life.

Reporter and landlord’s wife

At that time, in order to maintain her family and even went to Luo Xiuwen, she also told Luo Xiuwen as long as she no longer entangled the landlord, she was willing to support this little boy.

However, Luo Xiuwen refused to fight for the landlord. He also wanted to divorce the landlord and marry himself.The landlord’s wife said that Luo Xiuwen was not a simple woman and made their family jumping with chickens.

Zhang Tao took the reporter back to the rental house and told the wife and wife to his wife Xiuwen. At the same time, Zhang Tao also expressed his statement with his wife. As long as she was lost to know, he would forgive her.

But the wife did not appreciate it at all, and it was still that attitude. She felt that she had nothing wrong, and insisted that she had to find a way to get married.

Xiuwen also said to the reporter. She said that Zhang Tao would only go home once a year. It was very hard to take care of a few children day and night.And whenever Zhang Tao returned home in the New Year, he was like an uncle. He would never help his wife.I often go out with my friends to play dinner, and I almost don’t have home.

Xiuwen cried that this family was in Zhang Tao’s eyes, and it was a hotel.In Zhang Tao’s heart, he is just a machine to do housework.Zhang Tao has never asked himself.

Luo Xiuwen cried with reporters

For fifteen years of marriage, Xiuwen did not feel the feeling of being cared for by her husband, nor did she feel any sense of security from her husband, and she had not given her a sufficient material basis.

Therefore, no matter what this time, she has to divorce. In this marriage, she had enough to pay in this marriage.

But then again, even if the marriage life is unsatisfactory, this is not the reason for Xiuwen to derail and give birth to a child.

Regardless of these, she continued to complain to Zhang Tao’s inaction with reporters, and had no sense of responsibility.She said that she had already proposed marriage and divorce long ago, but Zhang Tao has been improper.

At this point, Luo Xiuwen’s grievances have been said in front of the camera for 15 years.But after that, she still didn’t disappear. She was going to divorce.

Zhang Tao heard his wife’s cry and was silent for a long time. He said that as a husband, he did not do well enough before, and did not care enough about his wife.

In order to retain his wife, Zhang Tao tried his best. First of all, he wrote a guarantee under the camera to ensure that he would do his best to care about his wife and children. After the New Year, he would find a job near the New Year, and he would help his wife to do housework.He promises to be a responsible husband in the future.

Zhang Tao wrote a guarantee for retaining his wife

In addition to the guarantee, Zhang Tao also went to the wedding shop to choose a beautiful wedding dress for his wife. He wanted to take another wedding photo with his wife, hoping that his wife would think of the previous beauty and rebuilt it.

Picked a wedding dress

But no matter what he did, his wife no longer had any waves.For this man, Luo Xiuwen has no nostalgia.At this time, even if he took out his heart to see her, Luo Xiuwen didn’t matter.

As in a saying, once a person doesn’t love you, you can even breathe wrong.This sentence is used on them, and it is not suitable.

At this point, divorce may be the best choice for two people.

It was only now that Zhang Tao still didn’t understand the truth. He was still unwilling to divorce, and he was still waiting for his wife to change his mind.

Zhang Tao

The authorities were obsessed with the viewers, and everyone could see it, and he was just futile.

Marriage has never been a game of one person, but the responsibility of two people.The failure of a relationship cannot be blamed for one person.

For Zhang Tao and Luo Xiuwen’s marriage, it is destined to end with failure.May they find their own happiness in the future.

1. The two got married and formed a family, which made a marriage.The husband and wife can be noisy or noisy, but both the husband and wife must understand that loyalty is the bottom line of marriage. If there is no loyalty between the two people, then this marriage is real.

Therefore, when I saw Zhang Tao in the end, I was still unwilling to divorce, and I really didn’t understand it.

2. I have seen a sentence before: The derailment of men is only zero and countless times.This sentence is also suitable for women.

Just like when Zhang Tao found his wife derailed for the first time, he chose to forbearance, and the result was in exchange for the inch.

3. When the husband and wife get along, when disappointed with the other half, since they do n’t love, let ’s end this marriage first, and then start the next relationship.

This is respect for each other and respect for yourself.

4. In the marriage, both the husband and wife must do their best to understand each other. The wife should understand the hardship of her husband outside. The husband must be distressed by the wife’s care, and the relationship between the two -way rushing can be more firm.

5. When there are contradictions between husband and wife, learn to communicate, instead of going outside to find warmth.

6. When looking for a partner, you must stare, and the three views are always more important than the facial features.


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