The impact of depression on pregnant women is not small. 3 solutions help you stay away from you

(1) Impact on pregnant mothers

After pregnancy, in addition to changes in physiology, the pregnant mothers will also change subtle changes in their hearts.It becomes easier to melancholy and excited.These unhappy emotions will have a poor impact on the fetus and pregnant mothers.Due to the current life, the pressure is increasing, especially in addition to the pressure of raising a child, in addition to being the pressure of raising a family, especially some pregnant mothers may not bear too much life.Stress, so depression continues to rise in women. If the pregnant mother finds that she has a depression tendency in the early pregnancy, it is likely to affect the development of the fetus. For exampleThe fetus is low in weight in the abdomen, so for the sake of children, the pregnant mothers must adjust their minds and body state in their daily life.Because more and more people have depression, mainly because people’s lives are getting bigger and bigger, the cost of parenting is getting higher and higher, and there is no good venting channel. Therefore, this kind of problem occurs.There are too many women in society today, so the chance of depression is high, and some women are worried, because their depression will affect the negative emotions of the fetus after pregnancy.Women who have mild depression during pregnancy are mainly regulated by their own psychological regulation.If pregnant mothers have severe depression, it is necessary to use drug treatment and the cooperation of family members.After the condition is controlled, choose to prepare for pregnancy.Because pregnant mothers during pregnancy, it is best to have an impact on him without taking antidepressant drugs, as well as depression. If it is more serious, the patient’s physiological and psychological state is poor, and it is not conducive to the fetus in the abdomen in the abdomen.grow healthy.

(2) Impact on the fetus

Since the pregnant mother is pregnant, her life circle has gradually become smaller. There is no other topic except the child’s topic. When you go out, you must reduce it in large quantities, so that the circle of friends is also decreasing.The psychology of pregnant mothers has also changed subtle psychology at this time.I always feel that I ca n’t feel very lonely and do n’t like to communicate with others. Pregnant mothers suffer from depression. If they do not get timely treatment, pregnant mothers will affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen, and it may cause the fetus to be born in birth.At the time, the weight is light, and there will even be damage to the brain development. If the pregnant mother is usually not very good, and often smokes and drinks before pregnancy, then it is more likely to produce depression, female depression and age raceThere is no direct relationship. If the symptoms of the pregnant mothers are slightly lighter, they can take self -therapy and psychotherapy. If depression is more severe during pregnancy, it is necessary to treat it through drugs.There is no special serious impact.However, it was found that the symptoms of depression were in the early pregnancy. For pregnant mothers with depression, the incidence of premature mothers was 2 to 4 times higher than that of normal pregnant mothers.The hormone secretion and function of the fetus will cause adverse reactions. At the same time, the supply of uterine bleeding will decrease significantly, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply or malnutrition of the fetus, which will cause the fetus in the abdomen to be embarrassed, limited growth and development.The fetus in the abdomen even has symptoms of miscarriage or death.

(3) Regulate emotions

Regulating the depression during pregnancy, first of all, we understand that depression is a psychological emotion, but it has this infinite force that can affect people’s lives and work. Therefore, pregnant mothers must know how to manage their emotions. Once depression, the mood of depression,Pregnant mothers should use some positive ways to adjust, such as participating in outdoor activities, actively exercising the body, improving their immunity, improving self -confidence, etc.Various emotions are part of our lives. Therefore, emotions will also affect the life of mothers during pregnancy, and they need to manage themselves. Among them, more serious emotions are depression.This kind of psychological disease will also feel very distressed, so the depression’s emotion needs to be conditioned, and it is urgent, and the heart disease requires heart medicine.First, try to go out to participate in community activities, and make friends of some pregnant mothers. When you are in a bad mood, you will talk to friends to worry and pain, which can help you vent your bad emotions and prevent the recurrence rate of depression.

Second, actively participate in outdoor cultural activities, such as singing and dancing, playing balls and swimming, you can choose yoga during pregnancy, persist in half an hour a day, you can relieve depression, you can also help release stress, improve the pressure, improve improvementConfidence is a good release for depression.

Third, pregnant mothers can also move outdoors, such as walking in the park to take a walk to contact the sun and green plants, which is also conducive to disease treatment and rehabilitation.

Fourth, the abdominal respiratory method will stimulate the human body to secrete trace hormones, make people feel happy, and a pleasant mood will affect him, making him feel comfortable, and the staff space is too narrow to the fetus. Mom is mother.We are better to exercise abdominal breathing, providing sufficient fresh air for the fetus.Breathing can also make the mother feel flat.The abdominal breathing has a good regulating emotion, so that the anxiety of pregnant mothers can gradually slow down, so as to prevent depression.

(4) communication

After pregnancy, the pregnant mothers are due to the large number of progesterone in the body, which may make the pregnant mother’s emotional expression very unstable. If the family does not understand, the pregnant mother is likely to suffer from depression, and sometimes she can’t help crying. Sometimes sometimesIt will be dazed quietly, and the mood of pregnancy is normal, but it must be paid attention in time.Because it is easy to have adverse effects on the body of pregnant mothers, such as depression, it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen. Therefore, pregnant mothers must actively adjust their emotions and find solutions.Start a beautiful pregnancy journey with a good and happy mood.After pregnancy, the prospective dad must actively care about the pregnant mother, often chat with mother, comfort the pregnant mother in time, help pregnant mothers to dispel their concerns, let go of her mood, and the prospective dad should accompany the pregnant mother every time to go to the medical examination.It is the strong backing of pregnant mothers. These intimate care and care have great help for pregnant mothers. The pregnant mother must also cultivate positive emotions, actively chat with the prospective dad, and let the prospective dad know more about the pregnant mother’s thoughts more.And worry.You can also actively communicate with your family and explore some physical and psychological problems encountered after pregnancy. The more you know the family, the more solutions, so that you will become worried and concerns.It’s better.If after pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers cannot be relieved, and some problems cannot be relieved. They must quickly find professional people to help. Whether it is psychological problems or physical problems, we must actively treat and communicate, and then communicate.Can find solutions.

(4) Look at a doctor

The general situation of depression during pregnancy is that they will not go to the hospital to see a doctor. Pregnant mothers in pregnancy are harmful to the fetus with depression.It may also hurt the impulse of themselves and others, so pregnant mothers should immediately seek help from a doctor. Under the guidance of a doctor, you must take some antidepressants who have no side effects on themselves and the fetus.Medical experts or spiritual autocratic experts are treated to avoid delays of the disease and bring bad consequences to the fetus in the abdomen.Some pregnant mothers are afraid of seeing mental experts and think that this will make themselves hook themselves with mental illness. In fact, pregnant mothers do not have to worry about it. Please treat the problem objectively.Once pregnant mothers are confused by depression, they are prone to many disease reactions. At this time, pregnant mothers can only ensure a good mentality during pregnancy.The fetus affects.Under normal circumstances, doctors do not recommend pregnant women to use drugs, because medication may cause abnormalities during pregnancy, which is likely to cause problems with fetal development. Psychotherapy can be considered. Depression is also called depression disorder, which is significant and long -lasting.The clinical characteristics of the low mood are mainly the main type of psychological disorders. It can be seen that the low state of mind is not competent with its situation. Slowly emotional depression can from unhappy, to sadness, inferiority depression, and even pessimism, and may be disgusted.For suicide behavior, some diseases are obviously anxious and sporty. When pregnant mothers have severe depression, hallucinations may occur, and psychiatric symptoms such as delusion may occur.

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