The itching of a woman is unbearable, and there is odor. What is going on?

Female reproductive organs are a very sensitive area, and sometimes itching and odor may occur.

These problems may be related to various factors, including personal hygiene habits, physiological changes, infections and other health problems.

This article will explore why women’s "below" will itch, and what is related to the smell of privacy parts.

1. Personal hygiene habits

Personal hygiene habits are one of the important factors affecting the health of women’s private parts.

Incorrect or incomplete cleaning may cause bacteria and mold to breed, causing itching and odor.

At the same time, the use of too much detergent, soap or care products may destroy the natural acid -base balance of the vagina, leading to stimulation and infection.It is recommended that women use mild cleaner when cleaning the private parts, and pay attention to keeping dry.

Avoid using fragrance or irritating products to avoid destroying normal physiological balance.2. Physiological changes

The changes in women’s physiological cycles and hormone levels may also cause itching and odor in private parts.

For example, in some periods in the menstrual cycle, the amount and texture of vaginal secretions may change, causing itching.

In addition, during menopausal, the decrease in estrogen levels in women may cause dryness and discomfort in vaginal.For discomfort caused by physiological changes, it is recommended that women maintain good living habits, such as balanced diet, sufficient rest and moderate exercise.

During menopausal periods, you can consult a doctor to understand alternative therapy or appropriate drug treatment.

3. Infection and other health issues

Vaginal infection is one of the common causes of itching and odor in private parts.

Common infections include Candida infection (yeast infection), bacterial vaginitis and trichomonas vaginal disease.

These infections may be caused by bacteria, mold or parasites, and are usually accompanied by abnormal changes in vaginal secretions.

Other health problems, such as vaginal inflammation, allergies, skin diseases, or urethral infections, may also cause itching and odor in private parts.

These problems may require doctors’ diagnosis and treatment.

If you often feel itchy and odor in the private parts, it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Doctors can determine the cause of the problem through examination and related laboratory testing and provide you with a suitable treatment plan.

In addition to the above factors, there are other factors that may be related to the itch and odor of the private parts.

These factors include sexual activity, tight clothing, humidity and sweat.

Fiction during sexual activity and cross -infection of bacterial intercourse may cause discomfort and infection.

Tights may limit air circulation, increase the chance of humidity and bacterial breeding.

High temperature and excessive sweating may also cause discomfort and odor.

In order to reduce the itching and odor of the private parts, the following measures are recommended:

Maintain good personal hygiene habits, use mild cleaning products, and avoid using fragrance or irritating products.

Replace the underwear regularly and choose a cotton underwear with good breathability.

Avoid wearing tight clothing and choose a well -breathable clothing material.

Keep the private parts dry and avoid excessive humidity.

Avoid using condoms or lubricants containing chemicals.

Avoid frequent use of vaginal flushing agents to avoid destroying your own acid -base balance.

All in all, the itching and odor of women’s private parts may be related to various factors such as personal hygiene habits, physiological changes, infections, and other health problems.

If you continue to feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to consult your doctor in time to obtain professional diagnosis and treatment suggestions.

In addition, maintaining good personal hygiene habits, choosing suitable underwear and clothing materials, and paying attention to the dryness and breathability of the body will help maintain the health and comfort of the private parts.

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