The Japanese beauty player of the World Table Tennis Championships was revealed to have tasted the forbidden fruit with male teammates. At the age of 15, she was accidentally pregnant.

It has been a few days after the end of the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, and many fans may still remember Japanese players Nagasaki Miki, although she was placed by Chinese player Sun Yingsha in the finals with a score of 11-7, 11-7, and 11-8.Three sets, but her fresh and sweet looks are impressive.

A few days ago, the beautiful girl player was dug up by Japanese netizens a period of black history.

Nagasaki Miki was born in June 2002 and is just 20 years old this year.Her grandfather is the coach of the table tennis team of Kanagawa University, her father is the head coach of the table tennis department of Komo University, and her mother is a volleyball player. Therefore, Nagasaki Miki can be said to be born in a sports family, table tennisFamily.

It is said that Nagasaki Miki wanted to follow her mother to learn volleyball at the earliest, but her dad used a small game to get a candy with a table tennis and hit a candy, which successfully pulled him into the table tennis.Nagasaki began to practice table tennis at the age of 5, and won the three crowns of the two -year championship of the Table Tennis Championships in the Japan Table Tennis Championship in the second grade, 4th grade, and sixth grade.The ping -pong prodigy who achieved this achievement was a little famous early.

Born in the world, the family is still very helpful for a athlete. You can see that Nagasaki Miki was shot on the left in the World Table Tennis Championship, but she was not left -handed in her life.The reason why Nagasaki Miki holds her left hand is completely because her grandfather thinks that when most athletes are holding a shot in the right hand, the left hand holding will have an advantage. ThereforeJudging from the achievements of the Japanese table tennis, this professional suggestion of the grandfather should be very important.

In another aspect, Nagasaki Miyuki will also bring a lot of trouble to her, such as the Japanese table tennis industry that she was rumored to be a Tang family.A Tang family can win the three crowns, which sounds very outrageous, but many posts on the Japanese network have carefully analyzed the appearance of Nagasaki Miki.The eyes are wide and the eyes are slightly tilted.

Tang’s must be a rumor, but Nagasaki Miki has indeed made a big scandal.

After graduating from elementary school, Nagasaki Miki was selected as the Japanese table tennis team, and has won many medals in the world’s youth table tennis events.However, in March 2017, Nagasaki Miki was suddenly suspended by the Japanese team. At the same time, the male player Ukota Yota was also suspended (one left in the back row).

Ukota Yoshiya is the men’s doubles in the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships, and in 2017, he also had a boyfriend of Nagasaki Miki.After the two were sanned at the same time, some media reported that the two were suspended for the discontinuation of Nagasaki Miki. At that time, she was only 15 years old.

Nagasaki Miki should not have given birth to the child in the end, and she and Uda Yuya returned to the team three months later.

Although the society is encouraging for fertility now, it is definitely not worth advocating when I am 15 years old like Nagasaki Miki.Even Japan amended relevant laws on April 1 this year, and mentioned women’s legal marriage age from 16 to 18 years old.Xingya’s behavior is not touching.

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