The Jiangxi police destroyed the "surrogacy" gang, and the victim involved more than 10 provinces

Eggs, essence, surrogacy …

You are on your mobile phone, in public toilets, and elevators

Have you seen such small advertisements on the seat?

With the development of social and scientific and technological progress

IVF has become a gospel that is difficult to conceive couples


Some criminals also take the opportunity to perform fraud activities


Chongren Public Security successfully cracked together

Cases of performing fraud in the name of IVF

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At about 10 am on July 4th, Mr. Zhang went to the Public Security Bureau of Chongren County to call the police, saying that he was deceived by a mother and baby care Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Province to help him as a test tube baby.Police handling the case use the information of the victim’s funds and the company involved in the case as the main line, and adopt the line -up dug by analyzing, landing verification, comprehensive stringing, etc., and a criminal gang who implements fraud on the grounds of test tube babies.

With the unremitting efforts of the police handling the case, the organizational structure, staff division of labor, and crime methods were gradually touched, and the case information was drawn and screened.Determine the activities of the fraud gang, after fully fixed relevant evidence and figured out the activities of the gang, Chongren Public Security set up a arrest team and went to Guangdong on July 8, 2023 to carry out unified concentrations and collects the net.Successfully arrested all 13 personnel involved.

After interrogation, the scam gang claimed to be "mother and baby care Co., Ltd.", and it was fraudulent to the masses by fictional the fact that IVF.Its internal division is clear and the organization is strictly organized, integrating "advertising release, business promotion, customer service reception, and exclusive services".By grasping the psychology of the victim’s extreme eager for childbirth, the success rate of the company’s IVF is constantly exaggerated, and the victim "hooks".As of now, many victims including Mr. Zhang have been deceived, involving more than 10 provinces, and the amount involved in the case has reached millions of yuan.

At present, Chongren Public Security has taken criminal compulsory measures to the criminal suspect involved in accordance with the law, and the case is still under investigation.

Source Jiangxi Public Security

Intern editor Zhao Siyao

Process Editor Ma Xiaoshuang

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