The key step of conception, you can do this to promote the fertilized eggs!

The combination of sperm and egg cells is the first step in pregnancy, but it does not mean that pregnancy is successful.In the next 6-7 days, fertilized eggs will continue to split to form a string of cells. We call it a "embryo sac".The embryo is floating in the uterus. If it can be successfully implanted in the endometrium, that is, the bed is successful, so congratulations, you are pregnant!

If the fertilized eggs cannot go to bed smoothly for various reasons, then you will regret it, and you often think that it is just a "big aunt".

Therefore, as the first step in the structure of the mother and child structure, it is important to whether the fertilized eggs can smoothly invade the endometrium. From the perspective of the mother, the physical condition and emotion of the pregnant mother have some amazingThe role.What can we do within 6-7 days after the same room?Let ’s take a look at Dr. Huang, who was born of Xixi Ban.

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Balanced nutrition is the guarantee of new life.Supplement folic acid, eat more high -quality protein foods such as milk, eggs, soy products, etc. ingesting sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits every day helps fertilize eggs to bed.

Don’t eat spicy and cold foods, so as not to cause physical discomfort, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. These may affect the bed.


Do not do strenuous exercise during ovulation during the same room, especially do not perform strenuous exercise related to the abdomen. It is not advisable to swim in a short period of time, so as not to enter the end of the bacteria.

Life aspect

Keep regular work and rest, do not stay up late and overworked, the tired body is not conducive to the beginning of a new life.

Quit smoking and drinking, do not drink coffee, do not contact the toxic substances and radiation sources, so as not to have adverse effects on fertilized eggs.

Try not to get pregnant when the fatigue is too much: the body is like a machine. Excessive operation will cause some parts to decrease. For example, the new wedding honeymoon or during the trip, the couple’s physical strength is overloaded, which reduces the quality of sperm and eggs; plus the quality of sperm and eggs;Frequent sexual life during the wedding will also affect the environment of sperm and eggs in the uterus.

Putting a vacation in a timely manner, take a walk with your partner, and the outings are scattered, which will not only help each organ running smoothly, but also facilitate the fertilized eggs to bed.

Emotional is very important

Keep a good mood and relaxing mood.Many women have caused a lot of psychological pressure due to factors such as long pregnancy, high work pressure, and family relationships, and people are in a state of tension. This is not good.Due to the pressure of the pressure, anxiety hormones are caused in the body, endocrine disorders, affecting the secretion of ovarian female and progesterone, and affecting the fertilized egg bed.

How to judge whether the fertilized eggs are successfully bed?

The process of fertilized eggs takes a few days. Around two weeks after the same room, if the color of early pregnancy test strips is darker, it generally indicates that the fertilized eggs are successful in bed;If the color of the test strip is darker and the bed is explained, and the color becomes lighter or not deepened, it is necessary to prevent bed failure.

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