The king of blood nourishing "Angelica" is only suitable for women?

Angelica, don’t listen to its name in the earth, but it is famous in Europe and the United States. It is called a "vitality diet" in Taiwan.

Angelica is one of the most favorite medicinal materials of the ancients.Angelica is mainly produced in the southeast of Gansu, and the quality produced by Yixian is the best.

Of course!

Although Angelica is called "friend of gynecology", it is not only suitable for women.The reason why women use more because women are prone to blood loss.

In fact, adult men may also have blood deficiency, most of which cause blood loss due to factors such as high work pressure and excessive psychological pressure."Blood" regardless of men and women!

1. Choose a type

It is best to choose the entire Angelica, do not buy Angelica powder.Angelica that has been grinded into powder cannot identify the quality of its quality, and the powder is more likely to adulterate.Select a formal way to buy angelica. If you need Angelica powder, you can buy a whole Angelica and then make it into a powder;

2. Look at color

Angelica is generally 10 ~ 20cm long, and it is better to use the epidermis as yellow -brown and the horizontal cut surface as yellow and white.

3. Smell the smell

Because of the volatile oil, the smell is very strong. Some bad merchants will sell angelica before selling, or the placement time is too long and humid.

4. Storage

Not only contain volatile oil, but also sucrose, it is easy to absorb water and mildew. It should be stored in a dry and cool place after drying. If the slices are deep yellow when buying, it may be improperly stored or stored.

Publly wine: Angelica brewing wine is a very common way to eat,

Porridge: It can be used as a powder, which can be used to soak in water, or eat it in soup and porridge.

Angelica mutton soup

Ingredients: Prepare ingredients: 500g of sheep spleen, 5 red dates, 25g of Angelica head, 50g of Beiqi, 25g of Codonopsis, 3 slices of ginger, 8 bowls of water, add a little salt.

Method: 1. Rinse the angelica and ginger, soak it with water, sliced slices, remove the fascia, put it in a boiling water pot slightly, remove the blood and remove it.

2. Put angelica, ginger, lamb in a casserole, add water, salt, etc., and wash the red dates for nuclear.

3. Slice the Angelica head, put it in the pot with all the ingredients, boil it, and skim the foam after boiling.In addition, when cooking mutton soup, you can add pepper, rice wine, etc. in an appropriate amount.

Angelica boiled egg

Ingredients: Egg 3 Angelica 9g

Method: 1. Put the eggs in the pot, add cold water without the egg, stir with a small amount of salt, and cook for 10 minutes after boiling the water.(Adding salt can prevent the egg white from flowing when the eggs are broken, salt can make the protein solidify)

2. Remove the eggs and soak it with cold water.Remove the eggshell.

3. Use a toothpick or needle to pierce some small holes on the surface of the egg (cook with angelica, it is easier to penetrate into the egg)

4. Put the angelica into the pot, add 3 bowls of water, and put the eggs.

5. Boil high heat, stew in low heat, and cook the soup to a bowl.

6. You can enjoy it when you are prosperous. Eat eggs and soup.

Text/Yunxiang Four Seasons

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