The life and death of 33 -year -old pregnant women: The fatal threat after pregnancy, she suddenly encountered 仨

Yangtze Evening News, March 4th (Correspondent Liu Mincheng Wang Qin Wang Qin, reporter Yang Yan) Severe pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and infectious shock.What should I do during a 33 -year -old pregnant woman Li Yun (pseudonym) and during the Spring Festival?

At a critical moment, the Nanjing Metropolitan Circle Medical Federation of the Nanjing Metropolitan Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University plays a linkage and immediately launched a green passage for the referral of patients.The severe medical department, obstetrics and gynecology department, emergency department and other disciplines cooperated together. China University Hospital used an advanced in vitro life support system-ECMO (body oxygen oxygen, commonly known as "artificial cardiopulmonary machine") and other comprehensive rescue techniques.Under the careful treatment of multi -medical staff, Li Yun finally pulled back from the cliff of death.On the morning of March 4th, the reporter learned from the University of China Hospital that Li Yun has now turned danger and was discharged from the hospital that day.

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Pregnant women have a high fever for 10 days, adults and children are in danger

Keke, Li Yun has been coughing after being cold before the Spring Festival, and he has continued to worsen. He has always been accompanied by high fever, which once burned to 39.5 degrees.Because Li Yun had just been pregnant for 3 months, he thought that it was just a normal cold, and he could pass by, but the whole body was weak and sore, and the cough and high fever had made her unbearable.So Li Yun’s lover Gao Qiang (pseudonym) took her to the county hospital from the rural hometown to see a doctor.In order to protect the fetus, there was no imaging examination in the county hospital. Only some oral antibiotics were opened, but two days passed, or a high fever at 39 degrees.It ’s useless to take medicine, then hang water, but still useless.

The year is approaching the day, and Li Yun’s illness still improves.On February 5th (the first day of the New Year), Gao Qiang took Li Yun on the road of seeking medical treatment. They came to Maanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor suspected that Li Yun had a lung infection. At this time, she had chest tightness.Symptoms such as blood and phlegm.Li Yun’s condition is still deteriorating. Not only is the fetus in the stomach, but the adults are even more alive …

Train in the early morning, just to win the front line of life

Ding Chengsong, deputy dean of the Ma’anshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that after the doctor evaluated Li Yun’s condition, the hospital suggested that he would transfer to the comprehensive three comprehensive hospitals as soon as possible.In the early morning of February 6, Maanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital opened the medical consortium of Nanjing Metropolitan City Consortium, which was co -built by the Zhongda Hospital and Ma’anshan City, to open a critical patient to refer to Zhongda Hospital to treat the green passage and transfer Li Yun to Jiangsu Province for pregnancy.The treatment and treatment center of the maternal emergency treatment and treatment -Zhongda Hospital for treatment.However, the fog on the day, time is life. Vice Dean Ding Chengsong contacted the local traffic police urgently and asked for smooth roads to protect the transshipment.

At more than 3 am on February 6, the CUHK Hospital received a deduction task.The Medical Department and the Group Office quickly responded and immediately arranged for emergency, intensive medical department, obstetrics and gynecology department and other departments to prepare for treatment.At 4:50 in the morning, Li Yun safely transferred to Zhongda Hospital.

Li Yun still had difficulty breathing when he was admitted to the hospital. After CT examination, he found that Li Yun’s two lungs were substantial.The medical history of the consultation is considered as severe pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and infectious shock. The more tricky problem is Li Yun or a pregnant woman. Should children be guaranteed in the belly?If the induction of labor is used for medicine or tongs?All problems are placed in front of medical care.

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Deadly threat, every bite of breathing is difficult

Each breath of Li Yun was extremely difficult. The CT showed vertical swelling. The minimum vein oxygen was only 30. Li Yun was on the edge of the dying. The heart might stop at any time, and the ventilator was difficult to maintain.After evaluating, Professor Yang Yi, director of the Department of Initner Medical, and the team of chief physician Huang Yingzi, decided to use ECMO (ECMO) for Li Yun, letting her "scarred" lung for a temporary rest.And conduct comprehensive treatment of lung protection, anti -infection, and immunity, and the patient’s condition can be improved.

After these hardships, what about the fetal condition, can the fetus still be kept?On February 7, Li Yun conducted the uterus and attachment B -ultrasound that the fetus had no fetal heart.However, the next treatment will face many difficulties.The fetus has been born in the abdomen, and there is a risk of bleeding and infection.The new problem is here again, on the basis of ECMO to maintain the alternative of life and curettage surgery.When treated with ECMO, anticoagulant drugs must be used, so that induction of labor and curettage surgery will have the risk of major bleeding.And during ECMO treatment, when people are in deep sedation, they will affect the contraction and affect the excretion of residual blood in the palace. There may be risk of infection.Li Yun also had two history of cesarean section before, and the scar uterus after surgery would cause risks such as rupture, bleeding, and infection of the uterus.

Therefore, after the consultation, Director Yang Yi, Director Yang Yi, and the obstetrics and gynecology department, decided to perform drug induction of labor. After excretion of death, the curettage surgery was performed with the support of the in vitro life system of the intensive medical department.However, according to the patient’s condition, the amount of anticoagulant and other drugs must be reasonably prepared, and various plans are actively prepared.

On February 7th, Li Yun was induced by the drug; on February 11, the deputy chief physician and Wang Yan attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department under the guidance of the B -ultrasound performed a curettage surgery for Li Yun. Fortunately, there were only a small amount of bleeding during the operation. LiYun survived a difficult life and death.

Experts from the obstetrics and gynecology department of the CUHK Hospital, and the Department of Critical Medicine before discharged by the hospital for inspection Chen Hongming for the patient

ECMO 10 days, 14 days of ventilator, ordered to save it back

Although Li Yun’s help with ECMO was stable, but after induction of labor, she was very weak. The intensive medical care of the CUHK hospital "sat up for a small confinement" to Li Yun.Observe vaginal bleeding and touch the stomach … the nurse took care of her carefully.Li Yun in "Xiaosi" has a fever. Physical cooling is the first choice, but I can’t use ice bars and ice stickers.The nurses wipe their limbs and backs with warm water every day to cool down.Li Yun used ECMO technology to support for 10 days, the ventilator for 14 days, and the condition improved day by day. On February 26, transferred from the Department of Critical Medicine to the obstetric ward.

Li Yun was sick, and his family was worried.Gao Qiang recalled that the visiting time was 3:00 pm every day. Ten days began, and I was in a heavy mood. I started to worry about it as soon as I reached 2:30. Later, my condition improved and I could communicate.See Li Yun."Thank you for the doctor and nurse. Fortunately, at that time, he moved to the CUHK Hospital in time to treat his lover from Ghost Gate!" Gao Qiang said.

Li Yun from the countryside, although escape from death, has also become a problem for the family.Deputy Director Chen Hui of the Medical Department said that the hospital considers the situation of Li Yun’s family difficulties and severe illnesses, and actively applies for her funding for the Ruihua Fund to reduce the burden as much as possible.

Urgent crisis patients refer to the green passage are still increasing

"For maternal and child health hospitals, the comprehensive treatment ability of severe patients is lacking, and special comprehensive hospitals need to be rescued.The referral green channel is transferred to the CUHK Hospital, and the patient may have a turnaround. So he contacted the Zhongda Hospital to respond quickly and start a timely and effective treatment. "

On January 16 this year, Zhongda Hospital signed a co -construction medical courses and the special assistant Xu Bing, the dean of the CUHK Hospital, introduced that in the medical cooperation agreement signed with Maanshan City,Zhongda Hospital signed a cooperation agreement with the Ma’anshan Health and Family Planning Commission, Maanshan People’s Hospital, Ma’anshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Ma’anshan Seventeen Metallurgical Hospital, and Ma’anshan Emergency Rescue Center.Training, newborns treatment, medical imaging diagnosis, and intervention diagnosis and treatment ability are connected to the corresponding hospitals.

Pan Chunsheng, a researcher at the Ma’anshan Health and Family Planning Commission, said that the successful treatment of this patient was the landing of medical cooperation, and the people benefited it.After building a medical consortium, Ma’anshan’s health and health system will further strengthen cooperation and project cooperation between hospitals, accelerate discipline development and talent training, further promote information sharing and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, explore deep cooperation, expand cooperation, and expand cooperation.Vigorously promote the cooperation between the Nanjing Metropolitan Circle Medical Federation, improve the overall level of medical and health in Maanshan, and benefit the health of the people.

Chen Ming, deputy dean of Zhongda Hospital, said that in recent years, the CUHK Hospital has complied with the national strategy and medical reform key requirements in recent years, and has continued to innovate in the construction of medical union.The "big model" has been fully affirmed and highly evaluated by the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Health and Health Commission, Jiangsu Province, and Nanjing City, and has achieved rich experience and results.

The cooperation with Ma’anshan City’s co -construction of medical courses is the first city of 8 cities in the 8 cities of Jiangsu, Jiangsu, Nanjing Metropolis District, to fully build the metropolitan medical consortium with the China University Hospital.

On December 21, 2018, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Huai’an, Wuhu, Ma’anshan, Luzhou, Xuancheng and other eight cities and mayor and may be considered and approved the "Nanjing Metropolitan City Circle Integrated High -quality Development Action Plan".In co -construction, sharing, and urbanization, accelerate interconnection and mutual integration, and build a demonstration zone for high -quality development cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta.Except for Ma’anshan City, Zhongda Hospital has signed a co -construction cooperation agreement with Luzhou City.

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