The man ligates 2 times, but his wife is pregnant 2 times!Where is the problem?

Loening surgery is more accurate to say that it is one of the sterilization surgery, including losing the tube of breeding and fallopian tubal bonus.Or which side does it affect the damage.

Regarding this problem, let’s figure out what the ligation is the process, and there will be a bottom in our hearts.

1. Position: Male ligation vs female ligation

1. Men’s ligation surgery is losing the jing tube.

The losing tube is the pipeline of the transfer of Mi Qingzi, which is the same similar to the water pipe and natural gas pipe.If the vaston tube is ligated, then Mi Qingzi’s output can be blocked to achieve the purpose of contraception.Compared with female ligation, male ligation techniques are more convenient and safer. You only need to cut a very small and small mouth on the eggs, pull the losing tube to cut off, and then ligate both ends.The failure rate of surgery is less than 1%

2. Women’s ligation surgery, tie is fallopian tubes.

The fallopian tube is a pipeline that transports eggs. The ligation is equivalent to blocking the channel of the small tadpoles and the eggs of the eggs, thereby achieving the purpose of contraception.The operation is actually very simple. A small mouth of about 2cm (still a little pain) is opened in the lower abdomen. After finding the fallopian tube, the tube is ligated and cut.The postoperative complication rate is low, and the effective contraception rate can reach more than 98%.

Note: After ligation, the testicles will continue to generate small tadpoles, and the ovaries will be excreted one or two eggs a month.

Second, sequelae of ligation: male ligation vs female ligation

1. Men, will "male wind" from now on.

We all know that Mi Qingzi produced in the testicles, matured in the epididymis, and then reached the Miqing tube through the Mi Qingzi pipe through the Mi Qingzi.When shooting Miqing, the "Mi Qingzi Family" will shoot out of the body through the urethra.

If the vasal pipe is broken, there is only Mi Qingzi in the shooting rice green solution.Mi Qingzi in Mi Qingli is gone, and the other parts can still exist, so I can rest assured. Although the "ligation of the rice green tube", the male compatriots can still shoot Mi Qing!You can also engage in CAO!You can still start!

2. After the woman ligates, I am worried that it will become a yellow -faced woman

There are always some sayings on the Internet: Will ligations of women lead to increased menstrual flow?Will it cause ovarian function degradation and grow old?After ligation, there will be more gynecological diseases?

The ligation is just tied the fallopian tube, cutting the road of the egg, so that the eggs will not enter the uterus. The surgery does not touch the ovary or uterus at all, so it will not affect any function of the ovary or uterus at all.The ovaries will continue to secrete various hormones, continue to ovulate, and the uterus will continue to diligently carry out the original cycle. It is stupid to prepare for the fertilized eggs that will never reach.The egg that did not enter the uterus was just a small cell. If he did not touch Mi Qingzi for a long time, he would shrink and absorb the body by himself.Here is a rumor for everyone. The part of the ligation is the fallopian tube, and the main ovaries are mainly used by the hormone secretion. Therefore, after the ligation, it will still be tender and tender.

After ligation, everything is normal. The menstrual menstruation should still be needed. There is still no difference between the physical condition of the previous body. Sometimes it will have the sense of skepticism of "I really ligates".

Moreover, fallopian tube ligation will not increase the incidence of so -called gynecological diseases.On the contrary, if you succeed, you can also reduce the incidence of acute pelvic inflammatory disease, fallopian tube ovarian abscess, and endometriosis.

Third, surgery risk: male ligation vs female ligation

In terms of surgical risks, women ligation is facing greater risks than men’s ligation, and postoperative complications will be more.In theory, male ligations are less wounds, low risks, and postoperative complications are lower than women.

Clinically, except for the special needs of physical condition or my strong willingness, doctors will not actively recommend ligation. After all, there are many ways to facilitate safe and effective contraceptive methods.

Fourth, can you re -ask children after ligation?

Regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, you must consider it before tabbing and consider it clearly.

After men do ligation of the vascular tube, the theoretical vasters can be performed and re -surgery, so that the vasters can be restored to smoothly.However, … the vascular tube is more difficult. Although the success rate of the tubal reenginer is higher, it cannot guarantee that the fertility ability can be recovered 100%.

Women undergo tubal resume surgery, which is relatively troublesome.Whether the fallopian tubes can be resumed depends on the surgical range, fallopian tube ligation position, edema damage, the diameter of the fallopian tube on both ends, the length of the remaining fallopian tube, and so on.

Therefore, there are many ways to use contraceptives for a long time. Whether it is a tubal ligation or a tone ligation, it is an effective way. The risk is greater than the non -invasive methods such as condoms and short -acting contraceptives.Before making a decision, consider your actual situation and the physical condition of both partners.

In a word: ligation is more suitable for people who have no fertility requirements.

In addition, ligation is indeed risky. Do not abduct each other morally for this reason. The ligation does not ligate. All should be made up after the two parties think about it.

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