The man returned less than a month: The wife’s 51 days of pregnancy and the dilemma of the fog and parent -child identification!

A seemingly ordinary pregnancy incident caught a couple in a crisis of trust.Mr. Hu is skeptical of his wife Li’s pregnancy, and Ms. Li insists that she is innocent.In this context, they decided to solve this puzzle through parent -child identification.This article will explore the problems of trust between husband and wife, the concerns of society, and how to deal with this dilemma.

First, Mr. Hu’s doubts and doubts faced with the news of his wife, Ms. Li’s announcement of 51 days of pregnancy, Mr. Hu couldn’t believe it because he returned home for less than a month.He quickly found the doctor to ask the situation, but the doctor’s attitude was firm and confirmed the results of pregnancy.This made Mr. Hu’s doubts and doubts deeper and deeper, and began to doubt whether his wife had an affair.

Second, the helplessness and defense of the wife faced the doubts of her husband, Ms. Li felt helpless and sad.She told Mr. Hu that as a mother, how could she make a wrong child’s father.Mr. Hu asked to conduct a review of a larger hospital. He firmly believed that the small hospital might be wrong, and only the results of the large hospital were credible.

Third, the dilemma of parent -child appraisal went to the city’s largest hospital for further examination. As a result, Ms. Li’s pregnancy was 51 days again.However, Mr. Hu still believed that his wife lied, thinking that the child in her belly was someone else.When Mr. Hu left, he suggested that he should not investigate the matter, but this only made Mr. Hu more angry.

Fourth, the crisis of trust between the husband and wife returned home, Mr. Hu proposed that Ms. Li must give birth to a child and perform parent -child identification to solve the mystery.The trust between husband and wife had severe cracks, and Ms. Li felt extremely wronged and insisted that she had not had any contact with other men.However, the confirmation results of the two doctors caught her in the predicament of self -evidence.

V. Faced with the predicament, the establishment of communication and trust has triggered people’s thoughts on trust.The trust between husband and wife is an important cornerstone in marriage. Once doubts and doubts appear, they will cause endless suspicion and quarrels.In this case, both husband and wife need to treat each other frankly, maintain good communication, and find ways to solve problems.Mutual understanding and support, and the help of psychological counseling will help the trust reconstruction between husband and wife.

In this mystery of pregnancy, the trust between husband and wife is split, and parent -child identification has become the key to solving the mystery.However, by establishing communication and trust, couples can re -repair their relationship.The most important thing is that in the face of such a dilemma, we should also pay attention to the privacy of the family and respect the dignity and choice of individuals.Only in this way can we build a more harmonious and warm society.

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