The members of the showcase girl were unmarried as a mother, and they were pregnant unexpectedly after breaking up with their boyfriends. They were only 24 years old in 1999.

On June 16, the gossip media broke the news that Huang Yiming, a member of the women’s group of "Youth with You 2", has caused heated discussion among netizens.

It is reported that Huang Yiming was "breaking the news" on her personal account. She said that she hadn’t updated her dynamics for a long time. Here, I apologized for everyone. The reason why she did not show up for a long time was because she gave birth to a "baby".

Yes, you did n’t hear it right. It means literally. The female loved Dou Huang was born with a child. A 24 -year -old girl in 1999 had a child without getting married.

Huang Yiming seemed very calm about having children.

She said that when she knew about pregnancy, she actually broke up with her boyfriend, but the doctor at the hospital told her that her physique was very special and belonged to the kind of very difficult to get pregnant. That is to sayIt’s hard to have children anymore.

For this reason, Huang Yiming decided to give birth to the child, because she believes that today’s society is very tolerant, it will not be too harsh for single mothers, and this child also has the right to choose to come to this world.With protection, the baby can grow up healthy, and he will work hard to be a mother’s role in the future.

How to say, when I first saw the news, I was still shocked. After all, there are few people who are willing to have children today, let alone a 24 -year -old female star. Under the premise of breaking up with her boyfriend,Huang Yiming did not hesitate to give birth to a child without his dad, which shows that she really likes her baby.

In fact, the situation of unmarried children in the entertainment industry is not uncommon. Chen Kun, a well -known male actor, has so big children, but who is still the "unsolved fan" in the entertainment industry, but fans are good, and the people of eating melon are good.Well, it seems that I am not very interested in this puzzle.

Recent examples, some singer Zhang Bichen, also a young female star, also gave birth to a daughter without marriage. The difference is that Zhang Bichen’s father knows Hua Chenyu. Hua Chenyu also acknowledged the girl’s identity and promisedThe cost of supporting children, although Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu were still not married, but for the children, there was actually a complete parent.

Therefore, Huang Yiming said that he was a mother. In fact, it was not too outrageous. At most, the fans were a little surprised and disappointed.

However, Huang Yiming’s sister seems to be "different" from the time of the draft. I still remember the "light yellow dress, fluffy hair" sung by Qin Niu Zhengwei and Li Xining, which impressed countless people.Unforgettable so far.

I didn’t expect that Huang Yiming would do such a major event after leaving the stage. It seems that she can also put down the idol baggage and completely want to be a "amateur".

In fact, not only Huang Yiming, a few beautiful girls from the "Youth with You 2" show, except for people like Qin Niu Zhengwei, there are people who have popularity in themselves, it seems that most girls have not been able to become popular.

For example, the four sisters of "Bingqing Yujie" held on the stage at that time were found by netizens to dance to perform performances in the bar. The performance environment is not said.In addition to the scandal of the elder sister Shen Bing in the marriage of others, I think it has something to do with the employment environment of Aidou today.

Many girls want to be a star and want to be an idol of the Jinjin Doujin, but it looks easy to look at it. How difficult it is to do.

There are no connections and resources. Ordinary people want to step on the sky in one step. Basically, like dreaming, some celebrity parents are desperately stuffing their children in the entertainment industry. The second generation of the Star still needs to rely on parents.It’s right.

So I still admire Huang Yiming’s decision. Instead of seeing it in the sky, it is better to live a good life.

Although there is infinite possibilities at the age of 24, it is also an important choice to become a mother. I hope she can be happy. When the child is bigger, find a serious class, and one person can raise the child alone!

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