The middle -aged man has not become a wife who has never become a wife.

A middle -aged couple wanted to make a dream through IVF, but her husband took the essence for the first time but did not succeed. At the request of his wife, the doctor adopted the frozen egg technology to make the couple the prospective parents.

Ms. Shu and her husband have been married for 13 years, but have not been able to have children.Five years ago, the couple went to a hospital for examination and found that they were infertility caused by her husband Shao Jing and weakness. After careful consideration, the two decided to have a child through test tube baby technology, but the test tube was not successful.

The failure of IVF has made Ms. Shu and his wife very discouraged and temporarily abandon the idea of having a child.Five years later, I saw that it was 40 years old and entered the ranks of middle -aged. The two once again asked for the impulse of a child, worried that no chance will never have a chance.

Half a year ago, Ms. Shu and her husband found the reproductive medical center of the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University. Ms. Shu’s egg retrieval process was relatively smooth. When her husband took the sperm, she encountered trouble.

After the egg removal, ovulation, puncture and egg retrieval, etc., I know that Ms. Shu, who is difficult to give up, does not want to give up. After discussing with Ma Ling, deputy chief physician of the reproductive center, she decided to freeze the eggs first. Ms. Shu went back to work as her husbandEssenceOne month later, Ms. Shu accompanied her husband several times to and from the reproductive center. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, her husband could not complete the essence. He tried many times to succeed.At that time, the reproductive center frozen the embryo to wait for the opportunity.

26 days later, the doctor frozen the embryo and transplanted into Ms. Shu’s uterus.

Yesterday, Ms. Shu went to the hospital for an examination and learned that her husband and wife were crying 25 days after her pregnancy.

According to Professor Zhou Chun, the Reproductive Medicine Center of Zhongnan Hospital, due to factors such as increased pressure, environmental pollution, and age, infertility couples have increased year by year. With the maturity of IVF reproductive technology, the success rate can reach 50 %, infertility and infertilityIf the couple wants to succeed in doing a certain patience, they need to maintain a scientific lifestyle.(Correspondent Gao Xiang)

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