The most important thing in the early stages of pregnancy, novice mother, pay attention to these details

“2023 Parenting Season”

At the moment when I was pregnant, I believe that all expectant mothers will cry!At that moment, it is difficult to describe it in words, because even the mother’s mood was unclear, what mood it was.

In the cognition of many expectant mothers: the more you get pregnant, the more you should pay attention to your body!Because with the growth of the baby’s baby, they have the possibility of giving birth at any time. If you don’t pay attention, it may cause difficulty in estimated damage.

However, compared to the basic stable pregnancy, it is actually more important in the early stages of pregnancy and it is more important to pay attention.Let’s put it this way: In the early pregnancy, it is like sowing. No one can say what it grows in the future.Only with all -round protection and attention can it sprout and grow slowly until the final result.

In this way, I believe that expectant mothers will know, why do you need to "treat" in early pregnancy?Whether the baby is healthy after birth is directly related to the early pregnancy.Although they are just embryos, they have rooted in the stomach of the expectant mother, and they must be carefully raised.

However, the joy of many expectant mothers has been worn out by fear, overwhelming, and sickness in the early pregnancy.The following is anxiety and irritability, especially the expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time.Because I did n’t know much about pregnancy before, I was always scared in my heart.

In the early stages of pregnancy, maintaining a peaceful mentality is conducive to the development of baby

It can be understood that many expectant mothers are at a loss, which is a normal psychological change.In the first second, I felt that I was still a child; in the next second, I was told that I had a child, and it would be difficult for anyone to quickly adapt to the new identity?

But even so, expectant mothers still have to be calm, because the mentality at this time is directly related to the development of the baby.If it is difficult to extricate anxiety and irritability, it will affect the hormone level of the body, and it will affect the development of the baby’s baby, and it is likely to cause signs of miscarriage.

In the future, it is necessary to fight side by side with the baby for several months. If you can’t adapt to the early stages of pregnancy, the next pregnancy journey will be more difficult to go.Regardless of whether it is from their own health or the health considerations of the baby’s health, expectant mothers need to adjust their mentality and welcome their arrival in a happy and pleasant state.

At this time, you need to accompany and encourage your family to avoid emotional sensitivity of pregnant mothers.If so, talk more with them to alleviate the tension of pregnant mothers.At the same time, take them more and walk out. When breathing fresh air, they will temporarily forget their inner tension.

In the early pregnancy, regular inspection, very important

Until now, there are still some old people who are backward. They feel that they do not need to do too much examination during pregnancy, especially the stage of pregnancy.The inspection is too much, which not only affects the growth of the baby, but also is purely a waste of money, which is unnecessary at all.

I really want to say: The reason why it is called "production inspection" is a series of examinations after pregnancy.For ten months of pregnancy, all the examinations were for the birth of the baby’s health.Therefore, you must follow the doctor’s advice, and don’t have slackness.

In the stomach of the pregnant mother, the baby baby will have different situations every day. Only through the check -up can he master his growth and development at any time.In the early pregnancy, many situations were unstable, and inspection was essential.Of course, what kind of examination should be done, I believe that doctors will give reasonable suggestions based on the condition of pregnant mothers.

In the early pregnancy, prepare for "fighting" with pregnancy

After adjusting emotions, living habits, and eating habits, you will find that the days of early pregnancy are not so difficult.Of course, each expectant mother’s state is different, and some people are not so lucky.To say the most suffering thing in the early stages of pregnancy, it is pregnant.

Lucky, maybe a month or two, the symptoms of pregnancy slowly disappear, and returned to the state of "eating and fragrant" before.Unfortunately, the pregnancy time is a little bit more time, and it is the state of vomiting everything, which seriously affects life.

If you use a word to describe pregnancy, it must be "torture". Many expectant mothers have been exhausted on the road of pregnancy.For fetal baby, pregnancy is not a good phenomenon, which will affect their influence absorption and lead to limited development.

How to relieve pregnancy?I believe that many expectant mothers have eager to know the answer.Next, share a few small tricks, I hope it will be useful to everyone:

Tips: Light diet

In the early pregnancy, there is really no need to nourish with big fish and meat, which is too greasy, but it is more likely to vomit.Eat more light foods, vegetables, fruits, and rich nutrition.

Tips 2: Eat less meals less

During pregnancy, it is indeed "a heartbeat, two bodies", which has great demand for nutrition, but there is really no need to eat too much.The best way to reduce pregnancy vomiting is to eat and eat less daily, which not only guarantees nutrition, but also reduces pregnancy vomiting.

Writing at the end: Pregnancy is the most wonderful trip in life for expectant mothers.Especially in the late pregnancy, you can feel the change of your baby every day, which is really amazing.

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