The mother -in -law was pregnant, the son -in -law was accompanied by the inspection, and accidentally saw her inspection form. The son -in -law fell on the ground

My wife and I met online. When she graduated from high school, she came to work in Nanjing. At that time, I happened to be on a business trip in Nanjing. After I finished working, I had nothing to do, and I went to the mobile phone to chat with people nearby.Maybe this fate is doomed. I am lucky to know the current wife Zhang Ting. She is 5 years younger than me. It happens to be my fellow.Zhang Ting is the only son of the family. Because he has been rebellious since he was a child, and his mother went early, he was unhappy with his stepmother, so he went out of the society for a long time.

After marrying my wife, I bought my own house in my hometown and looked forward to a good future together.Zhang Ting’s father finally reassured after her marriage.For so many years, I have never asked for children with his wife, just considering Zhang Ting’s feelings.Now Zhang Ting is married to me. After all, they are young and allowed in all aspects.

At the beginning, my wife was still unacceptable. After all, I was in my 20s. If I suddenly had a little brother or sister, it would be embarrassing, but then I did n’t care so much under my persuasion.The happiness they have passed.

Soon, the mother -in -law was pregnant with her baby, and she was pregnant in July in the blink of an eye.On Saturday that day, the mother -in -law made an appointment for the birth inspection, but Zhang Ting’s dad could not pull away the mother -in -law because of the urgent matter. Finally, he called me to drive and help the mother -in -law to the hospital.I was hard to push off, so I let Zhang Ting and me pass by, but Zhang Ting had no good opinion of this stepmother, so I let me go alone.

After I took my mother -in -law to the hospital, I accompanied her to check. After finishing, she went to the bathroom, and I was waiting for the result at the door.After the results came out, I accidentally looked at the results, and suddenly sat on the ground, and the mother -in -law was found to be tumor.It didn’t take long for the mother -in -law to come over. Looking at my soul, she took the inspection sheet and looked at it for a while, but she begged me to keep this secret for her. She said she wanted to give birth to this son.Even if there is danger of life, you are not afraid.When I heard her say this, I really have some difficulties. Should I tell Zhang Ting’s father or continue to keep this secret?

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