The mysterious "life line" during pregnancy is shocked!Vitamin deficiency or other hidden dangers

Zhou Jin (pseudonym) has always imagined that she can get married and have children before the age of 30, which is also determined by her family concept.When she was 27 years old, she met her Prince White Horse. After one year of falling in love, the two went into the palace of marriage smoothly.

After marriage, Zhou Jin has been working hard, hoping that he can achieve something.When she was 30 years old, she and her husband decided to ask for a child.After a period of pregnancy, Zhou Jin finally pregnant.

At the beginning, Zhou Jin didn’t feel any discomfort.But when she was two months pregnant, she had a clear appetite and appetite.She and her husband hurried to the hospital for examination, and the results showed that she was two months pregnant.This made Zhou Jin and her husband very happy.

However, at the 14 weeks of pregnancy, Zhou Jin suddenly found a gray line on his thumb.At first she didn’t care, but after a while, the line actually turned black.Her mother -in -law told her that it was a "fate", which made her very scared.

So Zhou Jin quickly went to the hospital for treatment.The doctor told her that most of the reasons for this situation were lack of vitamins or insufficient calcium and iron in the body.If there are no other symptoms, don’t worry for the time being.You can do a test of trace elements first. If you really lack vitamins, you need to treat the right medicine and treat it as soon as possible. If not, you must go to the dermatology department to see if it is another disease.

Zhou Jin heard the doctor’s words and went to check.The test results showed that the vitamin D in her body was a bit low, and the iron was slightly lacking.The doctor told her that with the growth of the fetus during pregnancy, the demand for vitamins would also increase. If pregnant women do not replenish in time, they will lead to the occurrence of the above symptoms.

Pregnancy is a journey full of expectations and joy for every expectant mother, but in this journey, you may encounter some worrying symptoms.One of them is the gray line that appears on the thumb, commonly known as the "life line".This symptoms usually appear around 14 weeks of pregnancy, bringing a lot of trouble and fear to expectant mothers.So what is this gray line?

We need to know that the scientific name of this gray line is called "wire -shaped pigmentation", which refers to a gray -black line that appears on the nail edge of the thumb.This phenomenon usually appears among pregnant women and women, but not only limited to this.In addition, the symptoms are not fatal diseases, nor will it affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

So, how exactly this gray line is formed?After some research, scientists have found that the appearance of this gray line is related to the hormonal level in pregnant women.In pregnant women, changes in hormone levels can cause pigmentation of the skin, and this gray line is one of the manifestations.

However, this does not mean that pregnant women must accept the existence of this phenomenon.In fact, the emergence of this gray line may indicate some problems in pregnant women.For example, the lack of vitamin D, iron element and other nutrients in pregnant women may cause this symptom.In addition, the lack of exercise during pregnancy during pregnancy will also affect the blood circulation in the body, leading to the emergence of gray lines.

In order to avoid this symptom, pregnant women need to pay attention to their diet and living habits.Especially during pregnancy, pregnant women need to eat more nutrient -rich foods, such as meat, eggs, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.In addition, pregnant women need to exercise appropriately to promote blood circulation and metabolism in the body, and avoid insufficient nutrients.

If pregnant women have symptoms of gray lines, they must not be too nervous and worried.In most cases, this symptom can be relieved and eliminated through some simple adjustment and treatment.

Pregnant women need to go to the hospital for examination in time to determine whether the symptoms of gray line are related to insufficient nutrition.If this is the reason, pregnant women can relieve symptoms by supplementing nutrients such as vitamin D and iron.In addition, pregnant women can also promote blood circulation in the body by increasing outdoor activity and exercise time, and improving the skin’s nutritional supply.

Pregnant women can also improve the quality of the skin through some daily care methods and reduce the emergence of gray lines.For example, you can use a soft facial cleanser every day, and use skin care products containing nutrients such as vitamin C and E to moisturize the skin.In addition, pregnant women also need to avoid using beauty products containing hormone components to avoid aggravating symptoms.

The gray thread on the thumb at 14 weeks of pregnancy is a common symptom, but you don’t have to worry too much.Pregnant women can relieve and eliminate symptoms by paying attention to diet and living habits.If you have similar symptoms during pregnancy, be sure to go to the hospital in time to obtain the most suitable treatment plan.

There are the following reasons for pregnant women during pregnancy:

1. Increased amount during pregnancy: During pregnancy, the body of pregnant women needs more iron to support the development of the fetus and the metabolic needs of the mother.According to studies, the intake of iron that pregnant women need during pregnancy are twice as much as non -pregnancy.

2. Insufficient iron absorption: Pregnant women may affect the absorption of iron due to changes in hormones and appetite during pregnancy during pregnancy.Especially in the late pregnancy, the compression of the gastrointestinal tract will exacerbate the constipation of pregnant women and also affect the absorption of iron.

3. Underestimal: If the diet of pregnant women in pregnancy is uneven and insufficient nutritional intake, it will also cause pregnant women to lack iron in the body.In particular, some vegetarians and food with food are more likely to have insufficient nutrition.

4. Other factors: Some pregnant women may have diseases such as pregnancy hypertension and anemia during pregnancy. These diseases will also affect the absorption and utilization of iron elements in pregnant women.

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to the intake and absorption of iron during pregnancy.You can increase the intake of iron through diet and nutritional supplements, while rationally arrange diet and exercise to improve the absorption rate of iron.If pregnant women have diseases such as anemia, they need to be treated in time to ensure the health of their own and fetus.

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