The myth of the middle -aged idol drama under the "herme" heat

Diao Kino

The "her subject matter" drama is popular with women’s audience to explore women’s growth, shape the spirit of women, and emphasize the independent expression of women.Different from the previous "big female lead" gathered all the aura in one person. Recently, the female group viewing perspective of such dramas can accommodate female characters with characteristics of different ages and occupations, showing the different tests of women facing women in society.

The recent broadcast of "Shining Her" is undoubtedly another popular drama of the "herme" female group portrait drama. It not only received nearly 30,000 topic popularity when she ended, but also ranked the platform drama to the top of the hit list.Essence

Although Guan Wen (Qin Lan) and Ding Ning (Wang Yang) are the settings of "30+" in the play, in fact, Qin Lan, Wang Yang, etc. outside the play are already mature "40+" middle -aged actors. ThisThe drama uses "middle -aged idol drama" as an eye -catching gimmick, and has repeatedly shot high sweetly on the topic list due to emotion.However, this drama also shows some myths and is worthy of careful discussion.

Myth 1: The dislocation of the behavior of "middle puppet" and "young toothization"

In recent years, youth idol dramas such as "Dear, Love", "Life", "You are my city camps" are getting closer and real life.However, the middle -aged idol drama seems to be getting farther and farther away from "reality". Excessive value of the word "idol" has led to the blind show of the drama.The "mode … people have more life experience, more complex social relationships and emotional state. They are the backbone of society, so the behavior and action choice of middle -aged people will definitely consider more responsibilities and take on their responsibilities.Follow family and self -development.

In "Shining her", it is full of misplaced behavior of "young teeth".The role of "30+" is doing "18+" behavior.For example, in the first episode of Ding Ning’s Guan Wen after drinking the wine, Guan Wen first climbed to the car cover without warning, and then Ding Ning used lipstick to paint Guan Wen’s face. This is the workplace of higher education in the workplace.Is the elite behavior?Ding Ning, who was preparing to be naked, was accidentally entered, and Guan Wen pushed Ding Ning to the pool. These can also be understood.But Ding Ning’s actions at this moment are to find President Chen. Do n’t there be an accident to call the other party to explain clearly before changing clothes?It is not to set the settings of "there is no good thing to encounter Guan Wen", so I have to finish the clothes and then go to President Chen, so that the other party can leave because he cannot contact him anger;Let’s set up, regardless of the career of the lawyer, crying, and no professionalism … Every time I fall, they fall into the arms of others. Every time I say bad things, I just hear the other party.The things existed for the sake of anger … These unreasonable behaviors and outdated expressions can only make the audience feel embarrassed.

Of course, "young tooth" is also accompanied by the dramatic performance of several characters.As a mature business elite, Ding Ning misunderstood Guan Wen and Jing Zhiqiu’s husband Wang Liren without any tone, and pushed all the jobs to chase all the way to Yunnan.During the finale, he abandoned his career promotion and chose to accompany Guan Wen.Peter bribed Zheng Dong, 890,000 bottles of wine, two boxes of wine, and two boxes of wine. Guan Wen knew that he only used a complaint letter to pull the core of Zheng Dong, Peter and Rexson all the time.What is even more dramatic is Peter and Rexson kneeling on the rooftop and asking them to let them go … Is this really logical?After Chen Xuanxuan’s divorce, a doctoral student with a high IQ has been with her next to her; Jing Zhiqiu could not return to the workplace, but at this time he was pregnant with a second child, can he only choose to return to the family again; Lin Hao can pretend to pretend to be for seven yearsIs it reasonable to let him choose a fish dead net?It is unknown whether these settings can appear in reality, but most of the stories piled up in "young tooth" cannot withstand.

Ith 2: Labeling protagonist group and materialized character settings

Among the three protagonists of "Shining Her", unmarried single women were urged to marry, and married women were facing pressure from all parties of the family. The nurturing women should face a second child balanced emotional crisis. These general settings can indeed resonate with the audience.Overall, the main characters reflect the construction of contemporary female images of women’s pursuit of independence in the new era.

However, in the process of shaping the group image, it shows the stereotypes and even negative understanding of female images, especially the setting of female supporting actors is suspected of being materialized.For example, in order to arrange twists and turns in the storyline of Jing Zhiqiu, the corner of the secretary who wants to get involved in marriage is set up. At the trial period, the existence of Guan Wen’s original competitor Chen Jasmi was to let Guan WenHopelessly, not only did the company open up with male bosses in the company, but also deliberately convinced male customers with beauty. Even after the appearance of male customers’ wives, she still lowered her emotional quotient to anger each other;"Tea" is a crying one, two troubles, and three hooks; Cathy also exists, especially when she is regarded as a pawn that disturb the relationship between Ding Ning and Guan Wen, it is completely a puppet man who wrote all the minds on his face …… The action lines of these characters have no persuasion, and the setting is also the symbolization of men’s stare. Low -cut, hip skirts, black silk increased waves, blurred eyes, and said lightly … essentially just to expressA conventional solidification image.

In addition, in the workplace in 2023, the male leaders of foreign companies can even say that "women’s patterns are more" and accompanied by collective attachments with collective "materialized women" and "sexual harassment"I don’t know how to think about the screenwriters who are the same.On the marriage salon that Jing Zhiqiu accidentally broke in, the trainer only emphasized that women cannot give up self -management in marriage. They must go to the way of getting along with their husbands and wives.Is it biased?

There are also many character set deviations in the play. For example, in the 5th episode in the Archery Hall, Guan Wen, as a workplace woman who was married by his parents because of his age, was in conflict with emotions.Sister, you are not in a hurry to you 33. "Did you suddenly be" brainwashed "?

Film and television works with realistic themes have been shaping the female image in men’s eyes for a long time.In the work of "her subject matter", although it can be seen that women’s consciousness is gradually paid attention to, in "Shining her", there is indeed a situation where the character setting has a bias.The famous director Li Shaohong once said that women’s consciousness is not the object described whether it is a woman, but to refer to the creator’s thinking angle and method of thinking about things.The shaping of "her subject matter" should not be simply designed by women, and the image of materialized women in the workplace, marriage, and interaction.

Myth 3: The "profound" of chaos and the "flat" of performance

In the length of the 32 episodes, in addition to hard work, the three heroines in the play also have to deal with workplace oppression, non -sex marriage, "blood -sucking" relatives, derailment affair, contradictions between mother -in -law, second childbirth, investment suffering, parents’ marriage, career, occupation, career, occupation, occupation, occupation, occupation, occupation, occupation,A series of social issues such as discrimination.However, such a deep collection of social issues has encountered a flat character setting, which caused everything to involve everything, but there was no deep dug.

Because the character settings are not colorful, although several actors are eye -catching, they show a "flat" programming performance in the character creation.Especially in the first 6 episodes, not only the plot is chaotic, but the actors often shouting to show anger, expressing innocence with a stance.For example, Guan Wen, played by Qin Lan, made a appearance to switch to the large -scale pace of the white stream by the lens. The screen of the screen was the audience’s questioning of his expression without changes, and the lines of the lines were "qi".Become the object of the audience, especially in the early days, she exaggeratedly played the silly white sweetness; Jing Zhiqiu played by Zhang Meng was also spit out by the audience …

However, do you really do not perform?it’s not true.Qin Lan’s "Seeing a Dream of Dreams" and "Yanxi Raiders" all created an excellent screen image; "Baby" and "Divorce Lawyer" starring Zhang Meng is also lively and vivid; and Liu Yun even guided in variety shows as performers.Novice actors, basic skills are remarkable.However, why did you feel that the performance of several female leads was poor?This has a lot to do with the so -called "playfulness" style of the play. Even outstanding actors like Wang Yang often make "anger reactions", which shows that it is closely related to the requirements of director photography.Middle -aged actors have life experience and acting experience, and can control more mature and full characters. This is their advantage.In the future, it is expected that actors will have stronger recognition capabilities for unreasonable plots and people.

By saying, the play is gradually getting better in the later period, especially in the portrayal of friendship.The three heroines help each other when facing the dilemma of life career. They are both women. They hope that because of their own, friends can live better, highlighting the "shining theory" orientation of this drama but still room for space.Essence

The English name of the play is "Stand or Fall", which has the metaphor faced by good or bad, and also titles the significance of the shining "her" group and women.In 2013, Amoatu Souwu and Anfredman first mentioned Shine theory, which also explained in the Cut column article that "if you don’t shine, I won’t shine",Keep your best to be your best and help friends who affect you.Therefore, although "Shining her" has certain flaws, I can still feel the positive guidance of "her subject matter" to women’s growth, so that the audience can feel the pain points of modern women and face the crisis.Powerful power.We also have reason to expect that middle -aged idol dramas can find our own way of expression.

(The author is the teacher of the School of Cultural Industry Management of Communication University of China)

Source: Wen report

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