The new film of the net flight is scolded by the whole network: it is all erotic pictures, don’t consume Monroe anymore

Recently, a film has caused huge controversy at home and abroad.

"Blink Monroe", this movie adapted from Joeycal Corol Ultraz, wandering between real and virtual, re -move the story of Marilyn Monroe on the screen.

Some people think that the plot of the entire film is based on a fictional story. It is not the real life of Monroe, but Monroe is a gimmick.Cause misleading.

And there are a large number of unnecessary explicit pictures, sex scenes and abortion lenses. It is the malicious consumption and second exploitation of Monroe. The backing is still dwarfed, materialized and male condensation of women.

Some people believe that the director’s move is nothing more than showing the situation of Monroe’s body more truthfully. It is to expose the sexual plundering of Hollywood to women.use.

For a while, the discussion of this film was extremely fierce, resulting in the high viewing volume on the streaming platform, on the other hand, the reputation of the film was not good, and the Douban score and IMDB score were also low.

So what exactly did the whole movie say?

At the beginning of the film, there was a story of Monroe’s childhood. At that time, she was just a little girl named Noma Jane.

The mental abnormal mother usually switches and switch between the hope that her husband will return and the anger of reality. The way of treating her daughter is rude and emotional.

She will prepare birthday gifts and cakes for Monroe, but when recalling poverty, she will also confess that she will let Monroe sleep in the drawer.

(Source: Yuan Jian Subtitles Group, the same below)

I will drive Monroe all the way to the sea of fire during the fire. The reason is that Monroe’s father has a fireproof mansion there, and we need to go in.

When he was stopped by the police, he faced the police in front of Monroe and said, "I hope you can kill me with a shot."

(Picture source: Yuanjian subtitles group)

When he was asked by Monroe, "Dad has always been here, why didn’t he come to see us", he would be angry because he was forced to face reality, and beaten Monroe to vent his anger.

Even in the name of bathing, she seduced Monroe into the bathtub filled with water, and then she wanted to drow her.

Because she was abandoned, she had already left the child’s leaving on the child:

As for Monroe’s father, it is a completely missing role.Monroe didn’t even know who he was. Until one day, the mother mysteriously pulled her into a room and pointed at a photo and said: It is your father.

Mother for herself, also prepared a lie for Monroe, and could not be allowed to break through.

Although his father’s image was so strange and vague, although he seemed to be the source of Monroe’s childhood life in the film.

But since then, in a helpless and chaotic life, his father seems to represent the pain of asylum and escape the current pain for his childhood Monroe and become a beautiful yearning.

On the day when her mother tried to kill, Monroe ran to the neighbor to help for help. She shouted "Mom needs help", and after understanding the situation, she learned everything she experienced.

Monroe’s mother was taken to the hospital, and Monroe began to live in the orphanage and foster families.

When she was young, she didn’t understand that she had a mother and learned from her mother that she had a father, and she was regarded as an orphan.

But life is so, no one respects her choice.

During the shot switch, she has grown up and became an actor who is determined to open up a world of heaven and earth in the entertainment industry. She appeared hard on the magazine and the screen …

He went to the president’s office to audition and read the Taiwanese book seriously, but was rudely sexually assaulted by the high -rise as it was poured on the ground.

In the next trial, she interpreted a mentally abnormal woman. After Monroe entered the role, she looked like a crazy appearance overlapping with her mother in her memory, almost similar.

And the way she melts herself and role, adding her role to her understanding and interpretation, makes her performance look so emotional and heartbroken.

But the interviewed his boss only cared about:

Monroe was successfully signed with the studio, but she also thought that her mother had told herself when she was a child. Her father worked in that studio. She tried to find her father’s files, but she was unsuccessful.

She also went to the hospital to visit her mother after ten years. She cried and hugged her white -haired mother, and told her that she had signed a contract with a smile. Now she can support herself and show her mother.Some pictorials taken.

But the mother interrupted her words loudly: "Where is my daughter? They say that my daughter is coming, I don’t know you, who are you?"

On this day, his father’s Monroe never found his father, and he completely lost his mother in a sense.

Although Monroe has won people’s attention with films such as "No Knocks", and since then, he has opened a famous Hollywood road, but Monroe is more at a loss than enjoying the glory brought by the fame.

Because deep in her heart, she always thought that the public knows, understands, and loves Marilyn Monroe, which is different from Noma Jane.

She was also afraid, panic, and lack of security. Those so -called love will not make her better, because they are not for Noma Jane.

She didn’t agree with such a life and herself, she could only say again and again: "Dad, the person on the screen is not me."

She denied the sexy symbol in the eyes and eager to retain some herself.

She shot in front of a crowd like a hungry wolf, and her skirt was lifted over and over again.

She was forcibly taken to the President of Kennedy, and the other party violently sexually assaulted her and regarded her as a tool to solve physiological needs.(There are fictional plots in the film)

She gradually depends on drugs, constantly paralyzing herself, and eager to escape.

She was torn by her life, eager to meet someone who really cherishes herself, but she also bumped all the way:

She and the son of Chaplin and the son of American actor Edward Robinson started a crazy three -person relationship.(Once again, there are fictional plots in the film, please do not watch it as a documentary)

On the one hand, the "orphan" who was always absent from his father was because his father’s aura was limited by the second generation of the star.

Monroe thinks that she meets himself as a Noroma Jane and is not Marilyn, so she was obsessed.

And he also became pregnant in this three -person relationship.

I look forward to her baby coming, but she is worried that her mother’s mental illness will be inherited because she thinks about how her mother treats herself when she was a child. She chose abortion under all pain.However, even if she decided to give up halfway, she was still forced to continue.

As the company’s cash cow, the popular goddess of Hollywood, she has long lost her control of herself.

In the marriage of her and baseball player Joe Dimao, because of the strong desire to control the man, Monroe was abused by domestic violence.

In the marriage with the writer Miller, Miller tried to find her similarity to her and her first love in Monroe, and she wanted to see the shadow of "father" on Miller, but did not expect to be a prerequisite in her own statement.In the following, it is still inspired by the other party as writing.She also lost her child because of abortion.

In front of people, she was a bright and beautiful Marilyn. After a person, she lived sadly, thirsty for pure love and asylum, but she could not be so fragmented by Monroe.

It was these two that made her life out of control.

From Children’s Menglu dreaming about the photos of his father hanging on the wall, he said "love you" to himself, to an adult Monroe to a series of men in his life, such as the agent, husband, etc.The tone of the tone has been laid.

A girl who was traumatized by family trauma was ignored in an industry and society that treats women as play things, and only sexy was left to pursue.

Seeing here, it seems that it is not difficult to find out what makes the public dislike and disgust.

The exposed lens and sex symbols over and over again, the skirts that have been lifted over and over again, emphasize and highlight the player Anna’s chest and hips, and shape Monroe as a star that can only be traded by the body.

From public places with the three -generation trip to the Star, to sexual assault by Kennedy, the plot composed of unconfirmed lace gossip completely thinned the character image of Monroe into sexual toys that cater to men’s fantasies.

In a field, it seems that Dream dew has no help to suppress emotions, but the audience only feels endless gaze and consumption of suffering for women.

Using the combination of celebrities+eroticism to maximize and badly stimulate the general public hunting, and even the picture of the internal perspective showing abortion in the film, and the treatment of sexual assault dramas, have been evaluated as "terror" by the outside world."Fastened".

(Picture source: Net flight)

You know, in reality, Monroe is by no means just a miserable and helpless lamb in the film. She has struggled, awakened, and resisted.

In fact, many of her fighting struggles was very progressive for women at the time and current women.

(Figure source: 20th Century Studios)

According to foreign media reports, in 1953, 27 -year -old Monroe published an article "The Wolf I Know" in the magazine, and bluntly condemned the phenomenon of sexual harassment of Hollywood.Be careful of these "wolves".

In the text, she also mentioned that she had encountered a man, and the other party poked her legs and said that her favorite skin -loving girl went back on the spot: "You like my bones so much, I will give you a X -ray back.piece."

The other party felt unhappy, saying that she did not love a woman with a brain, and Monroe respected again: "This is really the best praise I have heard."

(Source: Marilynremembredfanclub))

She also publicly talked about the sexual abuse that she had suffered from childhood and adults, whether at the time or now, it was a very brave behavior.

And when he learned that black female singer Ella Fitzgerald was performed by the club because of the "lack of charm", Monroe called the management and promised to attend the live performance of Ella Fitzgerald.This is for it.

After tired of the "golden flower bottle" character, Monroe also resolutely established his own production company -Marilyn Monroe Production Company in 1955, becoming the second in the United States after Mary Pickford.Company women.

(Source: DW)

She has also had many lawsuits, successfully reached an agreement with the film company, recovered her arrears of salary, raised her salary, and won the right to speak for herself in choosing scripts, directors, photographers, etc.It was a great victory for the actress at the time.

However, "blond Monroe" did not mention all of the above, leaving only a scene scene, looking for "dad", negating self, and then step by step to destroy Monroe.

And Anna, the actor who played Monroe, said:

"I can get a virus -type transmission on the Internet, it must be the naked fragment when I play Monroe."

"This is disgusting. If you think about it, it is annoying. I can’t control it all. You can’t decide what people will do, and how they will break their righteousness."

We seem to feel:

In a sense, this seems to be the film and reality echoing. The director’s shooting and the public’s viewing seem to complete this story in a gorgeous coat.Play and obscenity.


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