The new house is well renovated, and the six particular attention to pay attention to move in, which helps auspiciousness and health.

After the renovation of the new house, you generally get it for a while. When the taste is almost scattered, some people who pay attention to will pick a good day on the yellow calendar. After check -in, you will also ask relatives and friends to celebrate the joy of moving.But do you know which small particular attention should be paid to when moving?

1. Do not enter the new home empty -handed

Although we usually enter and leave the house, we will be empty, and now most friends will invite moving companies to move things, but it is best not to start when moving into a new home for the first time.

Holding some items into a new home has a good meaning, such as chai rice oil and salt, meaningless food and clothing, or with a mattress quilt, implying life and stable life, with money or bank card, implying wealth into new homes and so on.

Second, bring good luck through water

Generally, before we moved into the new home, the ventilation work was almost done. At this time, the gas field can be circulated, but water is also critical.

After entering the house, we’d better take out the kettle to boil a pot to boil water, so that it kept rolling, representing the good color that rolled the wealth.It can also be covered with the whole bucket of water, which means that wealth is full, and it is all auspicious meaning.

3. Can’t move during pregnancy

Families with pregnant women at home are best not to move during pregnancy.On the one hand, because you can get pregnant in the old home, it means that the current home environment is suitable for the birth of life;

On the other hand, pregnant women are more sensitive than ordinary people. During pregnancy, pregnant women’s resistance and defense ability is greatly lower than usual. The fetus in the abdomen has no ability to protect themselves.Changes have the greatest impact on them.

Of course, in addition, there are fetal gods, fierce evils, etc., but in a real sense, even if you do n’t need to do any labor, the back -and -forth travel is already very tossing. In additionIt must not be so fresh, so it is recommended that you try not to move during pregnancy.

Fourth, worship in the house

This is what the old people often talk about. After moving into a new home, they usually have three incense on each corner.

After going to the incense, you must also put a string of firecrackers in the center of the house, or give birth to a pot of fire and burn some paper. It is said that the purpose of doing this is to respect the gods, which can remove evil spirits and help the stability of the house.

If you pay more attention, you can worship the foundation owner at dusk after moving the house. The legendary land owner is short. When you worship the land, you must set up the table at the door of the kitchen.

5. Invite relatives and friends to celebrate

In our traditional customs, after the family moves into a new home, we will invite some relatives and friends to visit the house and celebrate it lively. It is said that it also has the effect of "solidarity".

Generally, friends and relatives are invited to visit. It is best to move the popularity at home in the week of moving.

6. Other "steady lives" methods

If necessary, you can also bring some dirt near the old house when moving, so as to avoid dissatisfaction with soil and water.In addition, the new home can also stick to the red couplet to seek auspiciousness.The week before moving, the lights in the home were as much as possible, brightened, and more peaceful.

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