The older generation is rarely sick when eating pickles. Now the medical technology is high, but it is said that eating pickles is carcinogenic?

Nowadays, our diet structure is getting richer, and there are more and more foods on the table. This not only can satisfy people’s appetite, but also allows the body to obtain more comprehensive nutrients.

Although the diet conditions are raised, many people still like to eat pickled pickles. Such foods can have the effect of eating and can also satisfy people’s appetite.

Damage the cardiovascular

The salt content in pickled pickles is relatively high. After the sodium elements in salt enter the body, the blood vessels will cause the blood vessels to cause the blood vessels to lose elasticity. ThereforeNormal function of cardiovascular.Hurt the kidneys

In addition to hurting the blood vessels, the sodium elements in salt may also cause a certain burden on the kidneys and cause the kidney health to be damaged. Therefore, for those who are not very good in the kidney, I hope you should eat as little or not as much as possible or not.Eat pickled pickles to avoid further aggravation of the burden on the kidneys.

Harm the liver

Seeing that it is a very important detoxification organs in our body. If there is a problem with the liver function, the harmful substances in the body cannot be excreted from the body.Nitrite, this substance will harm the liver and even increase the risk of cancer.Causes malnutrition

Although pickled pickles can have the effect of food, the nutritional content of them is not as high as imagined, so if these dishes often appear, it may cause too little food intake, which will cause malnutrition and nutritional imbalances. Also, it also occurs.It will affect the normal function of the human body.

Seeing some people here feel that older generations often eat pickles, they can hardly eat other foods, and they are very healthy. Why do they say that there are so many harm to eating pickles now?In fact, it is mainly related to the following factors.

Different consumption:

Although older generations often eat pickles, they have not a lot of pickles, because there is a bowl of pickles at that time, and almost 3 to 5 children per household.The pickles are given to the child, and everyone eats much.

Nowadays, the quality of our lives is obviously raised. Those who like to eat pickles have a lot of each time, which will inevitably lead to too much salt intake.

The production method is different:

In the past, pickles and current pickles are also very different. As early as in the past, people will put various vegetables in special containers and marinate themselves. Relatively speaking, this kind of pickles are much safer.

Now that people think that pickled pickles are very troublesome, they are more willing to go to the supermarket to buy, because the price of pickles in the supermarket is not as expensive as expected, and it can avoid a lot of trouble.Adding preservatives and other ingredients, this kind of pickles will inevitably hurt the body.

Different lifestyles:

Although people in the past often ate pickles, at that time, people often worked with heavy physical strength. For example, they were heavy, and they usually had a large amount of activity. After the salt in the pickles entered the body, they could be discharged smoothly.

Today, few people participate in heavy physical labor, especially some young people often engage in some relatively relaxed jobs. In other words, eating pickles will inevitably cause sodium elements and other additives to accumulate in the body, and it is difficult to smoothly discharge metabolism.

[Patients with cardiovascular disease]

Earlier, we said that eating pickles often cause a certain damage to the cardiovascular. For those who have cardiovascular diseases themselves, I hope you eat less or not pickle pickles., Even continue to deteriorate, the consequences are more dangerous.

【Old Man and Child】

In general, people who like pickles are often those old people who are older, but whether it is an elderly or a child, it is not good to eat pickles often. Among them, sodium elements will cause calcium loss.The occurrence of osteoporosis will also affect the development of bone for children.

【Pregnant Women】

Pregnant women themselves are a special type of people. Pregnant women should also pay special attention to their diet. For pregnant women friends, they should not eat pickles. If they often eat picklesIt may cause stimulation to the uterus, cause uterine contraction, and even cause abortion.

[People with heavy tastes]

Some people are more tasteful, and they will unconsciously add too much salt when cooking, but these people also like pickles very much. If you eat more salty foods, it will cause too much salt intake, so as to give it to it, so as to give it to it, so as to give it to give it too much salt, so as to give it to it, so as to give it, so as to give it, so as to give it too much salt intake, so as to give it, so as to give it too much salt intake, so as to give it, so as to give it too much salt intake, so as to give it, so as to give it too much salt intake, so as to give it, so as to give it, so as to give it too much salt intake, so as to give it, so as to give it too much salt intake, so as to give it, so as to give it, so as to give it, so asIf the body causes damage, if such people often eat pickles, they may cause more damage to the body. Please eat less.

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