The older generation often eats pickles because of poor, but rarely has high blood pressure and cancer. The doctor tells you the truth

Uncle Zang is nearly 70s and is one of the old men in the community.He always proudly said that he was the "pickles of pickles", because he grew up from snacks, and still loves pickles.Uncle Zang is a healthy old man and has never had serious diseases.His neighbor Xiao Wang has always been curious. Why do older generations often eat pickles but rarely get sick?

Before introducing the accomplices of hypertension and cancer, let’s first understand the method and component of pickles.Cain is made of vegetables in a high -salt environment. It is rich in sodium and vitamin C, and is also rich in bacteria and microorganisms.For the older generation, due to the poor living standards, eating pickles often to extend the shelf life of vegetables and increase taste. At the same time, due to the lack of nutritional knowledge at the time, many elderly people often did not know what harm of high -salt diets would bring.

Scientific research shows that high -salt diets do increase the incidence of hypertension and cancer.Highly sodium intake will increase the water in the human body, cause blood capacity to increase, thereby increasing the burden on the heart and causing cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension.In addition, long -term high -salt diet can cause damage to the kidneys, increase the burden on the kidneys, and cause renal damage.In addition, the high -salt diet can also affect the electrolyte balance in the human body, causing the body to have uncomfortable symptoms such as edema and dizziness.

Pickle is a kind of fermented and pickled food. Many people think that pickles contain too much salt, which can easily lead to the occurrence of high blood pressure and cancer.But in fact, the older generation often eats pickles, but rarely suffers from hypertension and cancer. Why?

First of all, it is clear that the occurrence of hypertension and cancer are caused by a variety of factors. Pickle is just one of the factor.The main causes of hypertension and cancer are the following points:

The living environment is different: the past living environment is simpler and natural than now.The older generations often engage in physical labor, and their nutrition and health are different from modern people.Most of modern people live in high -pressure and high pollution environments, and different living environments will also affect the health of the body.

Different types of food: The older generation of people’s diet is relatively monotonous. Pickling may be one of the main sources of their daily diet, but there are fewer other high -salt foods.Modern people have diverse diets, and foods with high salt content are also richer.

Different food quality: The modern food industry is developing rapidly, and chemicals and preservatives added during food processing have also increased.The food of the older generation is mostly planted and processed by themselves, and the quality of food is relatively good.

Different living habits: The living habits of the older generation are relatively simple, with regular life and eating habits, and the quality of sleep is relatively good.And modern people have a lot of poor habits such as life pressure and staying up late, which will also affect the health of the body.

What is the reason for people with hypertension and cancer?

1. Diet

The dietary habits of modern people are becoming increasingly unhealthy. The intake of junk foods such as high salt, high sugar, and high fat has continued to increase, and the intake of vegetables and fruits is insufficient, resulting in nutritional imbalance.The high -salt diet is an important risk factor for high blood pressure. Too much intake of salted food such as pickles will increase the risk of hypertension.In addition, some carcinogenic foods, such as barbecue, fried foods, will also increase the risk of cancer.

2. Lack of exercise

Modern people generally lack exercise, sitting for a long time, and less moves have become the norm.The lack of exercise will cause problems such as physical muscle atrophy and vascular sclerosis, increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.In addition, exercise can promote metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and help prevent certain cancers.

3. Medical technology

Modern medical technology is constantly developing, and the screening methods are becoming more and more advanced.The popularization rate of these technologies has increased the diagnosis of cancer, and some cancers that could not be detected can also be discovered in time.In addition, the increase in the number of elderly population has also led to an increase in the prevalence of cancer.

Cain is a traditional food, but too much pickled pickles may have a negative impact on health.Specific people need to pay attention to reducing the intake of pickles, including the following categories:

1. Patients with hypertension: High -salt diet is one of the important risk factors of hypertension. Therefore, patients with hypertension need to reduce the intake of pickles to avoid aggravating the disease.

2. Patients with kidney disease: The kidney is the main organ for excretion of salt. Kidney disease can cause damage to the kidney function and poor salt excretion. Therefore, patients with kidney disease need to restrict intake of high -salt food, including pickles.

3. Patients with gastric disease: pickles contain a large amount of salt and nitrate and other substances, which can easily stimulate gastric mucosa and cause gastric disease. Therefore, patients with gastric disease need to restrict the intake of pickles.

4. Pregnant women: Pregnant women need to consume sufficient nutrients during pregnancy, but excessive edible pickles will increase the salt intake in the body and affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women need to appropriately reduce the intake of pickles.

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