The online exposure "Male college students are derailed during their girlfriends during pregnancy." School: Damaged image, serious warning

A few days ago, some netizens posted that Dou Moumou, a student of his boyfriend, was a student of the Central and South National University. During his pregnancy, Dou Moumou chatted with the girls of various platforms and had derailment.

The news article said that the number of people involved in the "nearly ten people", and also revealed that during the period of Dou Moumou at the Central and South University University, he had studied at Chongqing University as an exchange student for a year.The article states that it has contacted Dou Moumou’s internship teacher at a research center in Beijing, "may stop his internship qualification."

In November 2022, the School of Biomedical Engineering, Central and South China University of Ethnology issued a response statement, saying that the college had paid attention to and started to investigate and verify. Based on the facts of investigation and verification, it would cooperate with the school’s relevant departments to deal with serious treatment in accordance with the discipline and school rules of Central and South Ethnic University.

On December 8, the college issued a notification on Dou Moumou’s serious warning.

According to the report, on November 17, 2022, an online account was posted on Weibo, accusing the student Dou Moumou’s behavior that damaged the image of college students and contrary to public order and customs, and then generated online public opinion, which had a adverse impact on the school’s reputation.After investigation and verification, Dou Moumou’s behavior seriously violated Article 43 of the "Regulations on the Management of Student Students of the Central and South China University of China", which harmed the image of college students in the school.

The college conducted severe criticism and education for Dou Moumou. The student had recognized the mistake and conducted a deep review.In order to educate himself, serious school discipline, according to the provisions of Article 28, paragraph 1, paragraph 1, paragraph 1 of the "Measures for the Disciplinary Disciplinary Handling Measures of Students of the Central and South China University of Ethnology", the school gives the students a serious warning punishment.

It is reported that Article 43 of the Students’ Disciplinary Handling Measures for Student Disciplinary Disciplinary (Minfa [2017] No. 77) stipulates that students must not have alcohol, fighting, gambling, drug use, dissemination, copying, selling illegal books and audiovisual products;Do not participate in illegal pyramid schemes and cults, feudal superstition activities; "must not engage in or participate in activities that harm the image of college students and contrary to social order, good customs."

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Luo Yige

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