The other party wants you to "get married first and get married".

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Question: Female 28, which is not unique. There is a mortgage house in third -tier cities, with a monthly income of 6,000+, and the eldest daughter at home; male 30, not unique, there are rooms and facade, monthly income is 10,000+, and the family conditions of both parties are different.Not big.

When we were young, we were neighbors. Later, I moved to move. My good friend was worried about my lifelong events. I thought about the object of my WeChat all day long. I recommended my WeChat to him. After I learned about it, I found that I knew it when I was a child.Chatting is also very close to the emotional heat.

He took care of me together, and he was very good to my parents’ friends. He had a good temper. I was anxious and a little bit angry, but since I was with him, I rarely lost my temper.

Because both parents met before, we did not conceal our parents after we were together.

When I first started to be together, I felt that he wanted to get married. I mentioned it many times, and even discussed when to shoot a wedding dress.

Because the time is too short, it is rushing, and I said that getting along with each other is saying, and then this problem was not mentioned.

I really love him, and I really want to live with him for a lifetime. It ’s almost a year when we are together. We are not young. I feel that the time is mature now and I can get married on the agenda.

The problem is that there is no response to him. This kind of thing can’t be mentioned by my girl. I also hinted that he has been many times.

Once I accidentally discovered that the reason why he did not get married again was because his mother hoped that I was pregnant again. Before that, I felt that my aunt was good to me. I knew that this situation would inevitably think about it.He was so filial to his mother.His fucking strong.

We have been together for more than a year, and sometimes I have taken measures. Sometimes I do n’t do it. I ’m not pregnant at any time. I am particularly worried that if I have not been pregnant, do his mother do not agree with us to get married.

Also, I now doubt whether he is because of his age. He wants to find a suitable person to get married and give him a child. He doesn’t like me as he thinks?what do I do?

Cold Ai Reply:

There are two reasons why the other party wants to get married after pregnancy: one is to worry about your health, and the other is to kill.

In fact, I have been opposed to Mom Baonan.You say that his mother is so strong, and even interfere with your relationship with your relationship, and you want to get married after you get pregnant. Where can you get better after your marriage?

I understand that you love him very much and hope to live with him for a lifetime, but if you can’t let him come out of the family, I am afraid that it will live a difficult life in the future.

In the end, I want to remind other readers by this case: two people are together, the two feelings are pleasing, and it is not easy to get the water.If it is delayed and tentative again and again, it will only give others no sincerity.

Like this case, the other party wanted to get married at first, but now it will not be mentioned.Do you feel familiar?

In the past, we encountered a lot of similar problems in the column. For example, the woman was a virgin and was unwilling to have a relationship with the man. From the beginning, I rejected it repeatedly. Until the man did not mention it later.When the woman wants to have a relationship with the other party in turn, the other party is no longer willing.

When you always suppress the other person’s needs, new changes will occur.The other party is either angry or changing the exit that meets the needs.

Therefore, when the other party puts forward some kind of demand and you need it yourself, you have to find a reasonable solution that both parties can accept.

Otherwise, when the other party is angry and wants to put forward the same demand, it is already difficult to add.

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