The owner is pregnant, and the dog will know that the behavior during pregnancy may also affect the dog’s attitude towards the baby

After giving birth to a baby, the owner of the dog will be more or less distressed how to introduce the baby to the dog.In fact, dogs may notice the existence of new life when you are pregnant.Some dogs may also change some changes after you are pregnant, but you can’t realize it yourself.

At present, there is no exact scientific evidence to explain how they know how people are pregnant. Based on the behavior observed, people have proposed three speculations:

1. The dog may smell the change of hormones

Dogs are famous for their excellent sense of smell.There are about 6 million olfactory cells in a human nose, while dogs are 50 times that of us.With such a keen and outstanding smell, it is not unusual to smell people’s smell after pregnancy.During pregnancy, hormones and pheromone in pregnant women will change.The changes in hormones will occur within one month of pregnancy, which means that your dog may feel that you are pregnant before you realize.

2. Dogs may notice the changes in emotion and behavior

Human behavior and emotions are actually affected by pregnancy, and dogs may happen to be aware of these changes.For example, when people are pregnant, they are prone to fatigue. Dogs will realize that you take it for a short time, the posture of walking changes, and the number of rests is more.In addition, changes in hormones caused by pregnancy may lead to emotional fluctuations, and dogs are also very sensitive to this change.

3. Dogs may perceive the change of the body shape

The stomach of a pregnant woman will become more and more prominent with time, and they can also see the changes in your body when dogs are around you.When they snuggle beside you, they can even feel the movement of the baby in your belly.

Follow you everywhere

Protect you more consciously

I like to rest on your stomach to rest

Feel anxious and jealous

Most dogs will welcome the arrival of new members very much, but there are also some dogs who are possessing or lacking security do not like to share the love of the owner with others.These dogs will be hostile to this future competitors, and they will take action to express their dissatisfaction before this life is born.If your dogs do not welcome new members, they may bite infant objects, and some even deliberately pee in the baby room.

1. Keep your attention and love for dogs

The reason why dogs exclude babies may be that they are afraid that they will be abandoned by the owner after they fall in love.At this time, the owner needs to use action to let the dog understand that the owner’s love for it is consistent.Therefore, it is best to treat dogs as usual during pregnancy.Don’t vent their anger on dogs because of emotional fluctuations, let alone reject the dogs closer after pregnancy.Instead, these behaviors will only make the dog more convinced that the baby has taken away the owner’s love, which makes them more hostile to newborns.

2. Start or strengthen obedience training

In the preparation of your baby, let the dog know your leadership position and ensure that they obey your order.New family members may scare dogs, and dogs who lack exercise are also easy to get out of control.In order to get along with the baby in the future, it is best to do a good job in advance or strengthen the dog’s obedience training in advance.

3. Give the dog a safe space

For dogs that lack security and easy anxiety, it is necessary to provide them with a safe space.If the dog feels uneasy about the baby, then the owner is better to draw a safe space for the dog before the baby is born.After taking the baby home, the owner should first place the dog in its safety space, and wait until the dog’s emotions are calm and then slowly arrange the dog to contact the baby.

Whether it is a baby or a dog, it is very precious in the minds of the owner.How the dog’s attitude towards the baby is actually affected by the owner.As long as the owner keeps a peaceful attitude, it will be very happy to accept new members at home.

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