The panda breeder’s hair hoop is exposed to sleeping powder, the woman is pregnant and finds people, and more insider is picked up

With the development of the media, my country’s national treasure panda has become popular online.

Netizens are even more concerned about the house and black, and they are also very concerned about the panda’s dads and nurses. Some people have gradually formed fan groups.

Recently, some netizens have exploded on social platforms that "hair hoop grandma" sleeping powder and exploding the woman’s stomach.

The blog post says that the headband grandma met and had a relationship with a local fan when he went to work in Macau.Unexpectedly, the woman was pregnant with his child.

The hair hoop grandma didn’t seem to want to be responsible for the matter, and since then I cut off with the fan.

In order to ask himself a statement, the fan sent his experience to the Internet, which aroused the attention of many netizens.

It was found that the direction of public opinion was wrong, and the head hoop milk immediately changed the net name and opened a one -click protection.This behavior falls in the eyes of netizens. It is simply not self -recruitment. There are no silver here.

So everyone began to act and picked up the black material of the head hoop grandma.

The panda raised by the hair hoop is one of the hottest pandas, Menglan.

It is cute and solid. Whether it is eating bamboo or coaxing yourself, it has a unique cuteness, so it has harvested a large number of fans, and I can’t wait to watch its dynamics 24 hours a day.

Therefore, the hair hoop grandma became a star breeder of the Panda Base through its traffic.

In front of the camera, he always showed a vivid image of panda.But behind the back, some netizens revealed that they saw that the head hoop dad pushed the macho from the tree.

Therefore, some people also questioned that the release of the dad was too violent to the panda.

However, at the time, there was another group of supporters of the head hoop. They actively spoke for him and did not think that it was a damage to panda.

In addition, the head hoop grandma also invited outsiders to visit the panda in the breeding base through the convenience of the position.Tourists who do not comply with bases at all, allowing pandas to receive guests without authorization may make them sick.

This behavior is very bad.Not only will the people doubt the panda breeders in China, but they also have the reputation of harming the Panda Base.

The panda is really cute, and the dads and nurses are really hard. It is not a bad thing to have traffic because of this, but the panda dad has settled the panda traffic on her own, thinking that she has a "extraordinary place" different from others.Essence

In an interview with the media, he said very proudly: I don’t need to introduce myself at all because others should know him.

This excessive behavior makes netizens very uncomfortable.

Obviously everyone likes pandas. I interviewed him to listen to the fun of panda life. It is okay to replace any breeder, but he holds himself so high.

As the news of sleeping powder broke out, people were also surprised to find that the head hoop grandma was actually married.The news that followed was that the headband milk dad’s sleeping powder was no longer once or twice.

As long as he meets a beautiful female tourist at work, he will take the initiative to add other people’s contact information. After the work is over, he will chat with others on the chat platform.

Then use the right opportunity to make an appointment with the tourist and have a relationship with her.

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