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Nutrition and effect

Corn is rich in nutrients.Among them, the content of cellulose is very high, which has the characteristics of stimulating gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerating feces excretion, and can prevent constipation, enteritis, and bowel cancer.Nutritional selenium and magnesium have anti -cancer and anti -cancer effects. Selenium can accelerate the decomposition of peroxide in the body, so that malignant tumors are suppressed because of the supply of oxygen molecules. Magnesium can inhibit the development of cancer cells on the one hand.On the other hand, it can promote waste in the body.It contains unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid content of more than 60%, and collaborate with vitamin E in corn germ, which can reduce the cholesterol concentration in the blood and effectively prevent cholesterol deposits on the vessel wall of the vascular wall.

From this point of view, corn has the role of preventing and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.Vitamin E in corn can also promote human cell division, enhance human body metabolism, adjust the function of the nervous system, can make the skin tender and smooth, delay wrinkles.It also contains a special longevity factors-glutathione. Under the participation of selenium, it generates glutathione oxidase, which has the function of restoring youth and delaying aging.

special reminder

Mold corn will produce carcinogens, so moldy corn must not be eaten.

Patients with skin diseases avoid corn.

Scientific tips

Corn and rough dermatology: Rough dermatological disease (citrifice disease), also known as yogu, is related to the lack of niacin, and is popular in areas with corn or sorghum as a staple food.The reason for illness is that people get tobaccoic acid and chromine from food, and color nitrogen acid can be converted into tobaccoic acid in the human body.The content of amine is low, which leads to nicotinic acid deficiency.Tobacco acid participates in the oxidation and decomposition and tissue breathing of sugar, fat and protein in the body. When its content is insufficient, it can cause metabolic disorders, manifested as diarrhea, dementia, and dermatitis, so it is also called "3D disease".Experts remind that when eating corn should be eaten with soy foods, and patients with skin diseases should try not to eat corn.

Tips for Life

When saving fresh corn, remove the corn skin and beard, wash and drain the water, put it in the plastic wrap, and refrigerate in the refrigerator.When eating corn, you should eat all the pointed tip of the corn grain, because many nutrients of corn are concentrated in the tip of the embryo.

Eat corn cooking better. Although the cooking has caused corn to lose some vitamin C, it has improved the activity of antioxidants.

Health Health Care Recipe

Intestinal laxative

Black sesame double rice porridge: After the millet is washed, put in water and soak in water; black sesame squeezed into sesame powder; quail eggs are cooked to remove the shell for later use.Add an appropriate amount of water in the pot, boil on high heat, add millet, black sesame powder and corn kernels. After cooking again, change the heat and cook.Put into rock sugar and add quail eggs to quail eggs.It has the effect of laxative laxative, suitable for constipation.

Qi and blood

Pork ribs: Cut of corn sticks; pork ribs, beans, and mushrooms are burned in boiling water.Heat the oil pan, add sugar, stir -fry until red, add pork ribs, stir fry quickly, add water and simmer when the ribs are red, add green onion and ginger, stewed the pork ribs until eight points of cooked, put it into mushrooms and pumpkin pieces., Corn pieces, bean horns, etc., cook together until the meat is rotten.Finally, add salt, soy sauce, pepper, MSG and other seasonings.It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and is suitable for those who are physically weak and anemia after disease.

Strong spleen and stomach

Sweet potato rice porridge: 250 grams of sweet potatoes, 200 grams of corn rough, appropriate amount of sugar, add water, cook until the sweet potatoes are soft and rotten, the corn blooms, and the soup is thick.This porridge has strong spleen and stomach, supplementing Zhongyi Qi.It has a good food therapy effect on night blindness, blood with blood, constipation, warm jaundice, etc.



Corn beard: 30 grams of corn must be, 15 grams of the front of the car, 6 grams of licorice, decoction with water.It can be used for supplementary therapy for urinating, cystitis and urine pain.

Spleen and appetite

Corn salad: Cook the corn kernels, remove it and drain, and put it in the plate after cooling; fresh fruits such as kiwi, nuclear hawthorn, pineapple, small tomatoes, etc.During the market, sprinkle it on the surface of the fruit, then pour a layer of salad sauce, and mix it before it can be eaten.This dish is fresh and refreshing, with the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing and enhancing appetite.It is suitable for people with indigestion and loss of appetite.

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