The pregnancy test stick appeared "two bars", but then disappeared again?Watch this way without pregnancy

Yingying is 36 years old. When she was young, she started her business with her husband, delaying the best time to ask for children. Now I have always wanted to get pregnant, but I can’t.A few days ago, her aunt was postponed for two years, and her aunt was postponed. This made Yingying see hope. She quickly took out the early pregnancy test strip to test and found that there was a "two bars" on it.

Yingying immediately told everyone in the family that everyone was happy for Yingying.But after two days, when Yingying wanted to confirm again, she found that the two bars became a bar.What has actually happened?Yingying hurried to the hospital to inquire about the situation, and was informed of biochemical pregnancy.

What is the biochemical pregnancy?

Medically, biochemical pregnancy generally refers to the loss of pregnancy within five weeks of pregnancy, most of which are caused by fertilized eggs in bed failure.Under normal circumstances, sperm and eggs will form fertilized eggs after the tubal binding, and then fertilized eggs enter the uterus to bed, further developing into a fetus.

In the biochemical pregnancy, although sperm and eggs are combined, they are not successful in bed, so the pregnancy sac cannot be detected during ultrasound examination.According to statistics, biochemical pregnancy accounts for about 25%-30%of total pregnancy. It is different from the abortion we usually say. This situation generally occurs in the early stage.

Is it successful in pregnancy? It depends on these symptoms:

1. View blood test HCG:

HCG refers to human chorionic gonadotropin. This method is to detect whether pregnancy is more accurate. Generally, women can be detected 7-9 days after ovulation.Essence

Compared with early pregnancy test strips, this method is more accurate, and the higher the HCG elevation, the better the development of the embryo.If the HCG value decreases, it means that the pregnancy condition may not be optimistic.

2. B -ultrasound:

The B -ultrasound is very reliable. It can not only judge whether women are pregnant, but also accurately determine whether it is ectopic pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, B -ultrasound can see the pregnancy sac and fetal buds at about 5 weeks of women’s pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers will be postponed. This is not necessary to worry.

3. Reaction during pregnancy:

The most intuitive judgment is whether menstruation is delayed. Secondly, people who are pregnant will have an early response, such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, etc. If women have these series of symptoms, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Moms, how did you detect it when you are pregnant?Make a message in the comment area to tell us to share your parenting experience with many treasure mothers.

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