The pregnancy test stick obviously two bars, but they were pregnant with a "fake pregnancy"?Doctor: It’s not uncommon

Huanhuan (pseudonym) and her husband have been preparing for more than half a year after their wedding, and there have been no good news.

When the two were very anxious, Huanhuan’s menstruation had not arrived on time this month, so he quickly tried the pregnancy test stick and saw two faint bars!

This can make the two of them excite, and quickly come to the gynecological clinic of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital.

Back pain, vaginal bleeding

The hospital had a "fake pregnancy"

The doctor Liu Libing was tested to Huanhuan with the test of blood β-HCg, estradiol, and progesterone. As a result, the blood β-HCG 85.32miu/ml, the estradiol 74.14pg/ml, the progesterone 5.33ng/ml.

The doctor told Huan Huan that it looks pregnant at present, but the indicators are relatively low, and you need to review the follow -up.

"Pay attention to the changes in the three pregnancy, because it is not clear outside the palace. If there are severe abdominal pain, a large amount of vaginal bleeding, you should go to the doctor in time. Pay attention to rest, do not exercise in the same room and vigorously."After the doctor’s guidance, he went home happily.

When Huanhuan had not had time to share this good news with his family, the next morning in bed, Huanhuan appeared a stomach pain, and then began to appear the same vaginal bleeding as menstruation …

I remember that the two people entrusted by the doctor quickly came to the hospital to retract, one after checking three pregnancy: blood β-HCG 52.09miu/ml, estradiol 21.06pg/ml, progesterone 2.19ng/ml, B-ultrasound reminded that no obvious in the uterine cavity was obviously obvious.There are no abnormalities outside the palace.This time I can scare Huanhuan. What is going on?

After reading the report, Dr. Liu explained to the young couple that you may have a "fake pregnancy", which is a biochemical pregnancy!

What is biochemical pregnancy?

What are the characteristics?

Normal pregnancy includes sperm gain, fertilization, fertilized egg development, transportation and bed.In this process, sperm and eggs are combined into a fertilized egg in the fallopian tube. The fertilized eggs return to the uterus to bed, and then further develop into a fetus.

Biochemical pregnancy means that the combination of essence eggs has formed fertilized eggs, but it is not successful in the uterus, and abortion with menstruation together.

The characteristics of biochemical pregnancy are mainly:

① Early pregnancy test strips can be measured for weakness, but it is difficult to achieve positive or strong positive;

②B super you can’t see the gestational sac in the palace;

③ The blood β-HCG value is very low, which can only indicate that it is pregnancy, but it can not indicate whether the bed is successful;

④ Generally, it will not have a natural miscarriage for more than 50 days, and there may be gray -white membrane -like logistics.

Biochemical pregnancy is not uncommon

What will cause?

Dr. Liu introduced that many women may feel that this kind of thing will never happen to themselves, but in fact, biochemical pregnancy is not uncommon.

The common clinical manifestations of biochemical pregnancy are delay in the regular menstrual cycle. The vaginal bleeding volume is as much or slightly as menstrual, and occasionally slight abdominal pain, and some patients are accompanied by early pregnancy reactions.

However, many women who do not have fertility do not specifically detect blood β-HCG, so they may only think that menstruation has been postponed for a few days, and it will not realize that this is a biochemical pregnancy.It is ignored because it does not have too many unusual feelings.

So what can cause biochemical pregnancy?

The occurrence of biochemical pregnancy may be related to various factors, chromosomal abnormalities, embryo quality, and mental factors of both husband and wife.

If you occasionally encounter such a situation, you don’t have to worry too much. It is a natural choice for the survival of the fittest. Generally, there is no need to do special treatment and treatment. It can be treated like a menstruation once. Generally, it will not affect the next pregnancy.

However, if you repeatedly occur repeatedly, you need to go to the hospital for further detailed examination to find the cause and actively treat.

Here I tell the female friends who prepare for pregnancy that biochemical pregnancy is not terrible. It usually maintains a relaxed mentality, develops good living habits, avoid smoking and drinking, strengthen physical exercise, pay attention to personal hygiene, master basic knowledge, learn to monitor ovulation correctly and try to try ovulation correctly.Pregnancy, timely consultation with the problems exposed during the examination, will be treated in time, and your baby will definitely come!

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