The pregnancy test was found to have no fetal fetus, and the mother ignored the doctor’s advice to give birth.

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This world is not fair. Some people are born in Rome as soon as they are born. They have everything that others want to have, and some people are born in a tragedy.The body is extravagant!

A person’s hands are very important, and our clothing, food, housing and transportation are inseparable from our hands.””

A South African mother checked at her 13 weeks of pregnancy and found that the fetus in her belly had no arms. At that time, the doctor strongly suggested a miscarriage, because the child is deformity, and this deformity cannot be corrected by surgery to correct it.Essence

But she wanted to insist on giving birth to the child. The doctor told her at the time: If you are not abortion, you are too selfish, you must think for the child, he will never live a normal life.

But after the mother discussed with her father at that time, she resolutely gave birth to the child.Because they think this is the "best gift" they received!

In June 2022, this child who had no arms finally came to this world in the restlessness of his mother. When he was born, the child weighed 2.7 kg. Now it has passed the year. What is the family of three?

★ Dad still goes to work. Mom’s anxiety and depression is relieved with the growth of the child.

When the child was born, the mother was also very worried, and felt that the society was very cruel. Will the child accept it and be ridiculed and bullied.

When the child learned to turn over for more than three months, he found that his child was no different from other normal children, and he also learned to turn over at the age of the learning.

So her depression disappeared slowly.

★ The child’s situation is not optimistic

Although the child’s big movement is not much different from the normal child, the child is not only without arms, but also these problems.

For 11 months, the child can only drink 30 ml of milk each time, because the child’s stomach development is slow.

★ Children’s feet also have problems

The child had no fibula. On the second day of birth, he hit the gypsum, and the child still had a roll in his legs!

The child has no arms, and his feet are problematic. He will definitely have a great impact on his actions on his daily life.

So many netizens say that this mother is selfish, and this child reminds me of the world -famous Nick Hu Zhe.

The Nick Hu Zhe we see is like a winner in life. Although he has no limbs, he stood on the stage and talked, but it affected many young people and allowed these teenagers to be positive.

Even though he had no limbs, he married a beautiful wife, had 4 children, and 4 children were very healthy.

In our opinion, a normal person may not have such a perfect life, but in fact, Nick Hu Zhe has also experienced a very painful stage.

When he was a child, his parents also loved him very much, helping him overcome many difficulties, but when he was in elementary school, he was bullied by his classmates. Other children felt that he was a monster.He found that he was really different from other classmates at the time, so he didn’t dare to refute anything.

Everyone bullied Nick Hu Zhe even more unscrupulously. Later, Nick Hu Zhe, 10, chose to commit suicide. Fortunately, his mother discovered in time. After this suicide, he suddenly realized that he was not afraid of death. The others were not a problem.Intersection

But there are only one Nick Hu Zhe in so many disabled people, which requires a great courage and tenacity!

So many netizens said that the disabled children were born irresponsible!

First: Preparation for pregnancy

When preparing to get pregnant, we have to quit smoking and alcohol, and we must conduct physical examination in advance, and we must eat folic acid in advance.

Second: Timely inspection

When the fetus is in the mother’s belly, we can feel whether the fetus will move, but whether there is any problem with the fetal body and whether there is deformity.

Therefore, only by checking, especially the B -ultrasound examination, you can separate the mother’s belly and understand the situation of the baby in the mother’s belly.

If the fetus is found to be malformed, and this kind of deformity cannot be corrected by surgery, it is better for mothers to obey the doctor’s advice, and the miscarriage is aborted.

Third: After the child is born, you must also do a timely newborn screening

One of the newborn screening of the child after birth is hearing screening. Some children have problems with congenital hearing, but there is no way to find it during pregnancy.

After hearing screening after birth, the child’s hearing problem can be installed with cochlear implants in time to avoid more problems with the child.

When every child arrives in this world, we hope that he can go more flat and smoother, so give the child a good birth condition as much as possible, at least to make him good health.

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