The pregnant female teacher suddenly "fainted", all the students were dispatched, and the monitoring took a warm heart scene.

The teachings are as deep as the spring breeze. We always praise the selfless dedication of the teachers, but in real life, the love of teachers and students is mutual. Teachers love students, and students are also silently protecting teachers.

There was such a touching scene in Shaoyang, Hunan. The pregnant female teacher suddenly fainted, and the students turned into the "Flash" to help the teacher.

In the group of teachers, a large part of the proportion is female teachers, because female teachers are more patient, careful, and more affinity, but female teachers will also have some bad conditions, such as when they are pregnant.

A pregnant female teacher in Hunan was "fainted" in the classroom. I saw the teacher talked about the class in the video surveillance. After seeing the teacher fell, all the students were dispatched.

Some students responded very quickly. They were transformed into "Flash" and flew up to support the female teacher. Some students were very calm and immediately went out of the class to help other teachers.

In this way, the fainted teacher was sent to the hospital with the help of all the students.

According to the teacher herself, the reason why she had hypoglycemia and fainted because there was only one lesson that morning. The teacher planned to go home after class, so she did not eat early.fall down.

Fortunately, the students sent her to the hospital in time. It was safe after the inspection of the teacher and the baby.

After this incident, the students spontaneously prepared "emergency candy" for the teacher to avoid the teacher from fainting because of hypoglycemia.

It was also written outside the packaging of the candy: Don’t come to get it, grab the words where the legs are interrupted, which is really funny and moved.

Some people sent this heart -warming monitoring to the Internet, and many netizens were moved by the "two -way rush" of teachers and students.

The pregnancy teacher endured uncomfortable and still insisted on class; the students also prepared emergency sugar to guard the pregnant teacher. This is probably the warmest story of this winter.

At the moment the pregnant female teacher fainted, the students could rush over immediately, and they could see that the students were very responsible, and the students also prepared candy for the teacher afterwards.all good.

Some people commented that this is the best teacher -student relationship. Teachers and students can go in both ways and guard each other.

This time, I also woke up for our teachers. Teachers should not forget to take care of themselves while teaching students.

Especially teachers who are uncomfortable themselves, do not force themselves to take class because they are afraid of affecting their work. If they really cause danger, students will blame themselves.It is the biggest harm to students.

At the moment when the female teacher fell to the ground in the video, many people’s hearts followed, especially when the teacher fell next to it and there were steps.

This has triggered a lot of people’s thinking. Why can’t the female teacher of pregnancy be sitting in class?

In fact, this has a lot to do with the teacher’s etiquette and the responsibility of teachers. According to the regulations of teachers, teachers cannot sit in class without special circumstances.

Although many pregnant female teachers are pregnant, they still insist on "standing" to class. From this point, we can see that the teachers are very serious and responsible.

So can we understand and tolerate the female teacher of pregnancy?Can they let them sit in class?

In fact, most schools and parents are understandable. Teachers will not be "lazy" because they are pregnant. The female teacher chooses to sit in a lecture when she feels uncomfortable.

Schools should be more tolerant of pregnant female teachers, and parents should also give more understanding of pregnant female teachers.

The profession of teachers is very hard, especially the front -line teachers. They not only need to prepare classes and classes, but also need to answer questions, judges, and even deal with various issues of parents after class.

Such a huge workload is likely to make them unbearable for the female teacher of pregnancy, but the school’s teachers are limited. If the female teacher chooses to go home to rest after pregnancy, who do the children teach?

In desperation, many pregnant female teachers can only endure discomfort and still insist on teaching in front line.

If you want to solve this situation, you must start from the school. If the school can recruit more teachers and fill the vacancy of pregnant teachers, then the pregnancy teacher can take a good rest.

When recruitment, schools can appropriately increase salary and pay attention to the proportion of men and women in recruiting teachers, so as to be more beneficial to the sustainable development of the school for a long time.

Today’s topic: What do you think of the students transformed into the "Flash" and quickly lift up the pregnancy teacher?

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