The pregnant mother suddenly died in 35 weeks of pregnancy, the reason is worth paying attention to the pregnant mothers

According to reports, Ms. Wang, a pregnant woman who was pregnant at 35 weeks of pregnancy in Zhejiang, could not feel fetal movement. She went to the hospital for examination, but found that the fetus had died. During the conventional birth checkup of 24 weeks before, she was found to be 7.5mmol/L.1 hour of blood glucose is 14.17mmol/L, and 2 hours of blood glucose 12.35mmol/L, diagnosed as gestational diabetes.The advice given by the doctor is diet control to monitor blood sugar regularly.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wang was still hospitalized due to the high blood sugar value. Insulin treatment was performed, and she was discharged after the blood glucose control was well controlled. I did not expect that the fetus was not kept in the end.

Diabetes during gestational periods is abnormal sugar metabolism during pregnancy and is a common internal medicine complication in pregnancy.

Diabetes before pregnancy and pregnancy should pay great attention

Pregnancy diabetes can cause abnormal or even death of embryonic development, increase the rate of abortion, premature birth rate, huge child incidence rate, induces hypoglycemia and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, has a great impact on the mother, is prone to infection, induced ketoisiaAcid poisoning increases the possibility of hypertension during pregnancy.

If pregnant women have diabetes before pregnancy, or when they find that blood sugar rises after pregnancy, they should attract attention. First of all, the perioperative health care book should be established to conduct prenatal examinations standardized in order to discover more problems in time.

If pregnant women have been using drugs to control blood sugar, they should monitor blood sugar at any time, and use medication on time. It is strictly forbidden to stop the drug or change the dose without authorization.Correct timely.

Harm of gestational diabetes

Fetal death or premature birth: Pregnant women with high blood sugar can easily cause fetal death or premature birth;

The possibility of a huge child increases the cesarean production or difficulty: if the blood sugar of the pregnant mother is not effectively controlled, the possibility of a huge child in the fetus will increase, which will cause difficulty or cesarean section;

Newborn hypoglycemia: Maternal hyperglycemia prompts the fetus to secrete excessive insulin. However, after childbirth, the blood sugar of pregnant women can no longer enter the baby’s body, but the newborn will still secrete a large amount of insulin, causing hypoglycemia.

Neonatal jaundice: Newborns born with pregnant women with gestational diabetes. Due to the poor development of the liver, bilirubin cannot be removed in time. The jaundice will be very obvious and gradually aggravate, which may cause serious consequences.

Causes pregnancy hypertension syndrome: Pregnant women with pregnancy diabetes may have severe pregnancy complications, that is, pregnancy hypertension syndrome. At this time, the blood pressure of pregnant women increases, systemic edema, and has a serious adverse effect on pregnant women and fetuses.

Cause diabetes after pregnancy: About 2%of gestational diabetes pregnant women have not disappeared after delivery. About 8%of gestational diabetes pregnant women have improved after childbirth, but "abnormal sugar tolerance" occurs, that is, blood sugar is higher than normal, that is, blood sugar is higher than that, but it is relatively normal.The standard of diabetes is not reached.About 60%of gestational diabetes pregnant women disappear after childbirth, blood sugar is normal, and obese people may also occur during pregnancy.

The consequences of gestational diabetes are terrible, and sugar control is the key:

Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar must pay attention to the following points:

Eat less meals: Use buckwheat noodles, millet or brown rice instead of rice noodles and other staple foods;

Light taste: Try to put some seasonings as little as possible. Many sauces are relatively high in sugar and carbohydrates. In addition, the foods of the seasoning are mostly heavy, and they will eat too much.

Ensure nutrient intake: Each meal guarantees the intake of protein, vitamins and fiber.

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