The pregnant woman was pregnant for 6 months, and was forced by the elderly to give up the seat to "export dirty".

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It is very inconvenient to go out after pregnancy after pregnancy. Especially when taking public transportation, it is very embarrassed to catch up with the peak period of getting get off work. Be sure to protect the safety of yourself and your baby when you go out.

Pregnant women are national treasures after pregnancy, and they are related to the lives of two people.After going out, you should also be caring by others.

However, there are always some elderly people who ask others to ask others and respect themselves.Never consider whether others have their own needs, and always abduct others morally.

Coco is now pregnant for six months. This day is going to go to the hospital for a production inspection, but the husband suddenly has a temporary trouble and cannot be delivered, so Coco is going to take the bus to check the inspection.

Because the home is not far away from the hospital, it is not a peak period for getting get off work, so there is no taxi at home. I waited a bus near home. Sure enough, there were very few people after getting on the bus.

Coco quickly found an old and weak and sick seat and sat down.At the next stop, a lot of elderly people have been on one after another. It is estimated that they will go out and play together. The elderly will find the location one after another.

There are not so many positions. As a result, an elderly person has also been ordained, so the elderly stood next to Coco, coughing a lot, and then signaled the seats.

But Coco is resolutely not allowed to seat. After all, he is not alone, and he is even more afraid of the car’s brake and hitting himself. It will be very unsafe.So Coco sat quietly in the position and motionless.

At this time, the elderly were obviously very dissatisfied.Before the station, Coco gave the seat to the old man, but the old man was full of swear words.

I do n’t appreciate cocoa, but I do n’t think Coco I do n’t respect the elderly: "I have a big belly, and I do n’t accumulate virtue for my children.

As soon as he heard that an old man said such things, he had no quality.Coco never wants to bear the old man anymore.

Directly rushed to the old man: "Old and weak disability are originally aimed at pregnant women. You are still crowded with buses at such an old age, is there no children?"

After this sentence, the old man was disdainful, and he murmured in his mouth, but everyone else in the bus began to give the pregnant woman a thumbs up.

Indeed, some elderly people are leaning on the elderly. They never care about young people. They are morally abducted. I hope that young people will give themselves a seat.It is difficult to deal with such a normal method for such an elderly man.

However, after Bao Ma is no longer alone, he can’t do it as before. He should always pay attention to his behavior and protect your body and baby in his belly.

1. It is best not to go away in the early pregnancy and the third trimester

Pregnant women in early pregnancy are very unstable, so they need to be recuperated.The baby is already very large in the third trimester, and it may be produced at any time, so it is best not to go far at this time, beware of accidents.

2. It is best to accompany you when you go out

Even if pregnant women need to go out in special circumstances, try to find someone to accompany them to prevent problems, and someone helps to solve it in time.

3. Go to a place with less people

There are many taboos and things during pregnancy, so pregnant women will be boring.But no matter how boring, try not to go.

Because crowds and accidents occur, accidentally hitting the stomach of a pregnant woman, it will be lost to the baby’s health.

4. Try to avoid disputes abroad

When pregnant women go out to the far door during pregnancy, try not to conflict with others to prevent some violent behaviors that have bad behaviors to pregnant women and hurt their baby and pregnant women.

At the same time, angry with others is also irresponsible to your baby and yourself, and try to avoid this.

5. Selection of transportation

If pregnant women want to go out after pregnancy, they can choose to play as much as possible.Without conditions, even if you want to take a bus and subway, such public transportation is best to avoid the peak period of going to get off work to prevent congestion.

Pregnant women are no longer alone during pregnancy. They must pay attention to their bodies all the time. They should focus on the baby in their belly.

Keep a peaceful mentality as much as possible, do not compare with others, and create a good living environment for your baby.

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