The pregnant woman who came to work suddenly bleeds, and the sisters of the Pingyao Comprehensive Hall to save people

Qianjiang Evening News · Correspondent Chen Lei Correspondent Feng Xiaolu

"Hurry up 120, hit 120, she bleeds!" A rushing shout suddenly broke the tranquility of the Hangzhou Pingyao Comprehensive Service Hall.The staff who had done something in an orderly manner looked up and ran over.

A pregnant woman was helped, and she was sitting on the ground, and the ground continued to exudes blood.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of August 19th. Ms. Li, who was 32 weeks pregnant, accompanied her mother to the Pingyao Comprehensive Service Hall for temporary residence registration. When the two were sitting aside and waiting for the call, Ms. Li suddenly felt uncomfortable and stood up.I found that I had begun to bleed.Ms. Li immediately went to the service desk not far away to ask the staff for help.

Without a few steps, Ms. Li felt that she could not support her body. The staff member Xie Liping immediately stepped forward to help and shouted a colleague to help call the emergency call.Most of the staff in the hall are women, and they immediately act to help this strange sister.

In order to make Ms. Li more comfortable, the staff Jin Huafang brought pillows behind her from the mother and baby room; Xie Liping and Jin Huafang supported Ms. Li with her body and kept comforting her: "120 has already already beenIt’s on the road, just get it right away, keep it. "

Seeing that Ms. Li’s expression was a little uncomfortable, they immediately reminded: "Breathing deep, relaxed, it’s okay, it will be okay."

At this time, Ms. Li had started to hurt. She took out the key to the car and signaled that her inspection information was in the car.The staff took the key and quickly brought her information to her mother.

7 minutes later, the 120 ambulance rushed to the entrance of the hall.

Today, the reporter learned from the police of the Pingyao Police Station that Ms. Li had successfully gave birth to a baby boy and is currently being observed in the hospital.Afterwards, she also thanked the staff: "It was too sudden that day, there was no threatened at all, and suddenly it was launched … Fortunately, what I met was you."

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