The preserved egg contains high lead. Will chronic poisoning often eat often?Can the preserved eggs be eaten?Tell you the truth

"No matter what others say, we will never eat anyway!" Mr. Li lamented in the bed.

It turned out that last week, his wife bought a lot of preserved eggs and bought a lot of home.As a result, three or four hours later, the three were nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, and abdominal pain, but they were regarded as simple gastrointestinal discomfort.

Who knows that the second day’s symptoms are still not alleviated and there is an aggravated trend. The family quickly went to the hospital for urgent treatment.After examination and consultation, doctors suspected that they were poisoned by preserved eggs. Fortunately, the symptoms were gradually relieved after the condition was controlled.

Preserved eggs are a unique food, but there are not a few people who hate it, and even given the "most disgusting food" evaluation. Is this preserved egg so terrible?

In a network voting held by the United States Cable TV News Network, preserved eggs were named the list of "the most disgusting food in the world", and also attached the title of "Devil Egg" and "Millennium Egg".

Traditional preserved eggs are actually marinated by duck eggs that are wrapped in special ingredients (grass and gray, raw lime, tea end, yellow dan powder, salt, rice shell, etc.). However, the process of making preserved eggs is improved.The process of copper sulfate.

That preserved egg looks dark, is it really lead?

In traditional crafts, Huangdan powder is added to the preserved egg. Its main function is to prevent excessive alkali penetration and avoid the rescue of eggs.The main ingredients of Huangdan powder are lead oxide. During the maturity of preserved eggs, lead oxide of a specific dose will penetrate into the preserved egg, so the preserved egg contains lead.

However, as early as 2014, my country has revised new standards for the production of preserved eggs, that is, from December 2015, the production of preserved eggs should be used, that is, no lead -containing substances cannot be added.

It should be noted that even if the "lead -free technology" is used, the preserved eggs will still contain a small amount of lead.

This is because in the process of preserved egg processing, metal salts such as zinc sulfate and copper sulfate are also used. These ingredients will more or less lead and other impurities, which makes it impossible for the preserved eggs to achieve completely lead.But as long as the lead content is less than 0.5mg/kg, it can be called lead.

In addition, there will be small black spots on some preserved egg shells. Is there more small black spots, and the more lead is?

In fact, these black spots are sediments formed after chemical reactions added during processing. The number of black spots will be affected by factors such as temperature, pickling regular factors, and has nothing to do with the lead content.

The news reported that "a certain and so -and -so -poisoning treatment was admitted to the hospital", and the Mr. Li family in the case also had poisoning symptoms because of eating preserved eggs. Now the preserved eggs on the market are basically made of lead -free process. Why do you still eat it?What about poisoning?

In fact, eating preserved eggs is not because of lead, but Salmonella.

In the process of making and subsequent transportation and preservation of preserved eggs, pollution will be breed in large quantities by Salmonella. If there is no high temperature sterilization before eating preserved eggs, it will inevitably be dangerous for food poisoning.

As the Gram -negative Enterococcus, Salmonella can survive and grow within the temperature of 10 to 42 ° C. It does not have high requirements for nutrients. Therefore, Salmonella can easily pollute food.

After humans eat foods contaminated by Salmonella, they will have the manifestation of fever, nausea, and diarrhea and abdominal pain. In severe cases, they will even dewater and spasm, and even shock and death.

When you choose preserved eggs on weekdays, you should pay attention to the following 4 kinds of preserved eggs as much as possible: the protein of preserved eggs is black; preserved eggs produce mold or pungent and bad odor;Formed.

Preserved eggs are also eggs, and also contain nutrients such as protein and fat.In addition, the structure of the nutrients during the production process has also changed, especially the protein can be better absorbed by the human body, and the loss of certain minerals is relatively small.

But not everyone can eat preserved eggs.Related studies have found that pregnant women and children are very sensitive to lead elements, and a small amount of lead can cause lead poisoning problems. Therefore, even lead -free preserved eggs are not recommended to eat pregnant women and children.

For most other people, a small amount of preserved eggs do not have any particular problems, but it should be noted that the purchased preserved eggs should be produced and processed by regular manufacturers to avoid buying bulk preserved eggs.

In addition, when buying preserved eggs, 4 tips can also help everyone choose good preserved eggs.

The first is to check the logo on the preserved egg packaging.Preserved eggs should be produced by regular manufacturers. The outer packaging should be complete and with SC logos. At the same time, pay attention to the shelf life and sales date of the preserved eggs. Avoid preserved eggs that have been placed for more than three months, because the preserved eggs that are placed for too long may be contaminated by Salmonella.Essence

The second is to look at the appearance of preserved eggs. You should choose the cracked egg with gray white and white and complete egg shells.

The third is to see the preserved egg tremor. The preserved eggs add lime and other components during the production process. Therefore, the protein will also become degenerated and become solidified and elastic. Therefore, when shaking the preserved egg, you can feel the obvious tremor inside.This is the marinated preserved egg.

The fourth is to smell preserved eggs. Generally, the qualified preserved eggs will emit a faint alkaline smell without other odors.

Xiaojiu finally reminded everyone that eating preserved eggs should not be excessive. Due to the influence of modern process production, preserved eggs will lose a large amount of vitamins due to alkaline substances, and the sodium content is 5 times that of ordinary duck eggs.Therefore, even if you like to eat, you must control the amount of consumption, otherwise it will easily lead to increased blood pressure and not conducive to human health.

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