The prospective mother who was six months pregnant suddenly started back pain, and regretted the reason after finding up the reason.

My friend’s wife has been pregnant for more than 6 months and is a very happy pregnant mother.When I was pregnant, those adverse reactions were not so serious. Except for starting to sleep, they were the same as before. They still eat normally every day or live like before.But back pain from eight or nine days ago, I didn’t care when I was in pain, thinking that I was pregnant when I was pregnant, so I had back pain.After about half a month, I suddenly found that the urine became red someday. Now the family is panicked. I immediately drive to the hospital to find a doctor and start a series of examinations.A stones were released.

This is what the doctor explained to my friend, because when I was pregnant, almost all organ consumption of organs consumed the energy before pregnancy, and the energy mainly provided the uterus, so that the baby could grow up healthily. At this time, the mother should eat well, vitaminTo add well, especially to ensure water absorption.Drink plenty of water to the human body to discharge harmful substances to the body faster. When pregnancy, the blood volume in the body will double to send nutrition to the baby.Thick, there will be many problems at this time.

In the early stages of pregnancy, you should drink a one -five -liter water every day. In the later period, you should drink two liters of water at the lowest daily, so as to ensure the normal operation of the body and let the baby grow normally.The prospective mother who was six months pregnant suddenly began to have back pain, and she regretted the reason.It is because I do n’t pay attention to this problem, and now I was sinned like this.

Now there are few people who can insist on drinking water. I do n’t pay attention to drinking water. I always think of drinking water when I feel thirsty.When you are very thirsty, you will stand up to drink water. In fact, the body is very short of water at this time. Now drinking can not absorb so much, especially the expectant mothers, you should pay attention to drinking water. You must pay great attention to drinking water.When the expectant mother felt that her body was dry, the baby started to feel thirsty long ago, so the hydration should pay great attention, no matter whether it is pregnant or not.

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